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Temperate Fruit Discussion / Strawberry tower
« on: January 26, 2023, 02:32:46 AM »
This turned out very nice, i would like to do several of theese, but dont really have space so may do 1 more at most. The idea is to have more space to plant the strawberries, they wont shade themselves as much when grown vertically. I would imagine that the fruit would also be alot easier to pick, there is enough space for it to hang down. I will paint the green plastic with brown paint, as its kinda my main colour of the structures in the garden..I cant wait to plant them and hopefully to have a nice crop this year.
Its 120 cm high, i am thinking how cool this would be if it was like 3- 4 m high lol

Tropical Fruit Discussion / New summer time passion fruit trellis
« on: January 21, 2023, 04:02:49 AM »
I did this so fast, usually i plan for such things for like at leas a month, pondering about..... this time i just had the idea in the evening and next day i was already doing it.
This trellis will be perfect for the summer growth of my passion fruit plants, i have 1 purple edulis and 1 decaisneana in the greenhouse, they are growing vertically on the wall of the greenhouse, fixed to a aluminium fence. This growing possition is not optimal in any way, but i am forsed to grow them like this due to space limmitations. They cast alot of shade on the other plants that way.
Anyway, with this new setup i will guide the new growth trough a hole at the top of the greenhouse, i will remove a piece of the pollicarbonate in spring/may and let them roam outside.
The purple edulis i'm sure will really apreciate the new space, ive grown the purples outside in pots and in ground trought summer with no problems, the decaisneana may not grow as good there, since i think it likes a little more shade and a lot more humidity . In fall i will have a problem thought ,i will have to prune and take the rest of the plant inside the greenhouse, i just hope that whatever fruit sets it ripens before that point, as messing with such long and tender vines, carying fruit will be a nevre braking job.
Here are the plants:

This is the trellis :

The pics are not too clear, but thats the best i could do ..

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Overly warm winter, a double-edged sword?
« on: January 18, 2023, 06:29:05 PM »
This winter up to this date is probably the warmest winter that i remember. Lowest temp we had was minus 7C, 95 percent of the time weve been frost free, cant even talk about a frozen ground/soil, which we shouldve had till now. The warm temps are deffinitely helping with the zone pushing part+ its very easy to keep my greenhouse sufficiently warm.
On the other part i did spot some worying singhs yesterday, blueberries along with my almond tree are starting to show singhs of waking up, a slight bud swell, which should have naturally happened in middle to late march. 
As much as i love the warmth and being able to do activities outside , i hope the weather normalizes and gets colder or else plants will have a ruff spring start...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Homegrown guava taste review
« on: December 30, 2022, 05:08:33 PM »
So ive been enjoying theese several fruit that this plant in particular had, i am still experimenting with the harvest time, but this fruit in particular i think  is at an optimal ripeness.
Weights 250 grams, guite a big one, all of them were as big or bigger, around 8 fruits this year on the plant.
Smells very floral and sweet, almost like a perfume on the outside. When cut open the smell is somewhat different, cant really describe it.
The flavour is very good, not very sweet but alot of complexity to it, tastes like a fruit salad, i'm terrible at this lol, sorry! The inside part has the texture of soft butter, its sweeter, compared to the rind, which has the benefit of being juicier and more flavourfull. Overall, i really like this particular seedlings's fruit, i just hope for more sweetness in future's crops.

Just read one cacti thread and thought what if i graft a few opuntia ears on my dragonfruit cactuses. My dragon fruits are very big plants, i have alot of material i could graft on. I want to add opuntia to my greenhouse ,but if planted in the soil it will be too moist and shady for the plant, i would like to add a few grafts at the top of my pitahayas .
I think one major problem will be the weitht of the opuntia grafts, as they start growing, but i could tie them to my greenhouse  structure, or policarbonate somehow, that way they will get alot of light and hopefully produce fruit also.
So yay or nay?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Avocado leaf problems
« on: December 21, 2022, 05:11:27 PM »
Hi, my avocado in the greenhouse is having some of its leavs drying in 2 different ways.

Some of the leaves are getting brown from the base/ center of the leaves out.

Others are having necrotic spots spread on the leaves, they appear at random places on the leaf, thought usually from the edje towards the center. First theres a green dead spot, then becomes brown and turns to a crisp, after that the spot just gets bigger via the principle.

And then i also have those leaves that just turn a light yellow/green colour and fall off.

Could it be from too much heat? I have radiators working in there BUT the damage started before they were put into use. Soil is slightly moist to moist. I  recently sprayed with fungicide and pesticide, but that was also after tha occurrence of the problem.
Last year i didnt had such a problem on it, rhought the greenhouse stayed alot cooler.

Forgot to add the overall pic off the tree, doesnt look so bad...

So i bought a few of theese species's seeds, they are all dried, the seller said they are from this year, yeah  it doesnt really sound incorouging. I justhope a few of them pop up, right now they are soaking in water.

Anonna squamosa
Manilkara zapota
Carica pubescens
Anonna muricata
Mimusops elenghi
Garcinia dulcis
Uvaia rufa
Flacourtia indica
Antidesma something....
Nauclea latifolia
Any chance some of theese to sprout after being dried out?

I aquired a few quails last month, i am keeping them in my greenhouse. I havent had sprayed the plants in there for like 2-3 months, so i sprayed two consecutive days with fungicide and a pesticide becouse i found some aphids on the plants, there are also some sighns of mites.
The birds i relocated into a cardboard box before the spray, everything is dry inside the gh now, i plan on releasing them back in this evening which will mean that the gh had solid  days after the final spray ,to dry out.
The soil of course got moist from the chemicals and that is what worries me thw most.
Does anyone else that keeps animals/birds in their greenhouses spray their plants from time to time? How do you proceed ,in order to not poison the livestock?
I find that i have to spray at least periodically, in order to not have a pest infestation, which if happens is a nightmare to erradicate, especially mites.
Will i be ok with releasing them back today, or should i wait a bit longer ? I should say that the greenhouse does still have a bit of a smell from the chemicals....

So my guava plants are having some fruit thats ripening, i awlays have the feeling that i pick them a little underripe.   Cherimoya should be coming in february, so my question regarding those two is...
Can i bag the fruit that close to being ripe with organza bags, tie up the handles to a branch and just wait for the fruit to detach from the stem on its own? Is this the way of getting maximum ripenes?  I saw this trick on one youtube channel where the person bagged the cherimoya fruit and waited for them to fall off in the bags.
Anyone doing/done this?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Greenhouse update
« on: December 16, 2022, 06:22:42 PM »
Hi ! Thought to do an update on the tropicals ...we are having a mild winter so far.
The wood stove which was the heating system from last winter is a hystory, the new radiator based heating system is working fine for now, keeping things warmish at 15 to 20 C at night.
Plants look way better atm ,compared to the same time last year.

Heres a view of the gh along with the last snow we had.

Regular grafted pomello

Red pomello, starting to wake up

A general view

Passiflora decaisneana

Regular guava plants

Red catley and lemon guavas, those are continuesly growing and flowering, the visible fruits will be the second wave, also alot of new flower buds forming...

Mango seedling, having some kind of a fungal desease i quess, just sprayed today...

Mandarin and lemon

A random potted tamarind and an orange gasmine

Cavendish banana and a very sad lemon grass

Some pineapples ,carissa and aloe vera

Surinam cherry, just discovered today that i have the first flower buds on it.

Coffee arabica along with the quails that i keep in the greenhouse

Made a hiding spot for the quails, as other people said here in the forum, they dont really like hiding in such structures, mine also didnt use it so i removed it.

Having some problems with my avocado, some of the leaves are drying up as shown, also having leaves yellowing and dropping


Cherimoya plants, one of them is carying alot of fruit, the other has only 2 that left. Should have thinned the proliffic one...

Yellow megalanthus dragon fruit, coffee and a pineapple next to it

Feijoa jemini

Monstera deliciosa

My unknown dragon fruits

Purple edulis passion fruit

Thanks for stopping by !

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Air layering guava in winter question
« on: December 16, 2022, 01:51:44 AM »
Hi ! I have 4 regular guavas in my greenhouse and i am planning to remove 2 of them to make space for other exotic fruit plants. Is now a good time for air layering guava? I want to make several air layers on them, before i dig the whole plants in spring. The greenhouse is heated and for now it stays solid above 10C ,around 15 to 20 C in the night, in the day it is usually warmer. The guavas are growing at the moment, not as fast as in summer but they are def having new growth.
I want to do this now since i want hopefully, to be able to dig them up around may or june, i could dig them up now but i will be sacrificing alot of the branches since i cant dig the rootball big enouth, due to closeby plants.
What do you think? Thanks for your oppinion !

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Strange bumps on a plumcot trunk
« on: December 10, 2022, 12:51:12 AM »
I have this cross between a plum and an apricot, its a grafted tree from a nursery. Last year it started to form theese bumps on the trunk and along the main scaffold branches. I cut one of them ,there wasnt a worm or other insect in there. They are also not full of resin, ive seen resin pockets just under the bark on most stone fruit species, those are definitely not that
When cut they are firm and look like they're not just a bark formation, but rather have a hardwood core.
It's interesting that the rootstock part doesnt have any of this, they are forming at the graft line and above.
Anyone know what this might be ? Thanks !

I know some of you raise quails in your greenhouses, i looked up old posts but couldnt find information regarding whether quails eat and could damage plants. Has anyone of you had problems with them destroing your plants?
My uncle will be getting me 5 quails, probably the common ones, in a few days . Should i put nets around the bases of the plants?
Particularly worried about my dragon fruits as they arent woody and would be easy to consume...
Also i hope they dont eat all of the earth worms that i have in the top layer of soil...

Well ,from one problem to another....i was wondering why my apricot trunk is all cracked and full of deep crevices ,well a week ago hapenned to look a bit closer and found the remaing/discarded shredded wood  piles all over the trunk of the tree. I assume that i have bark borers in there ,probably the same ones that i found on my cherries.
I do have them in way smaller amount than in the apricot and i actually extracted almost all of the ones that i found on the cherries, they are like little caterpillars that bore into the cambium, just below the bark. They are actively eating the live  bark/cambium layer.
What can i use to control such pests, i could spend several days extracting the ones from the apricot manually but i will damage all of the living bark thats left, its that bad!
How do i deal with those ?
Thanks alot !

First, i am sorry for the off topic , i posted about the same mushrooms last year, in the temperate fruit section and was left without answer. Looked pics online and didnt really saw the same ones that i have....
They are growing in big numbers in my blueberry patches, they seem to like asidic soil but i think are growing without a host. No pines or big trees around, only fruit plants like apple and stonefruit, along with the blueberries. They are growing at clumps as shown in the pics. I just want to know if they are edible or not...


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Latest blooming loquat varieties?
« on: October 17, 2022, 11:55:23 PM »
Hello, one fellow fruit geek is interested in which ones are the latest blooming loguat varieties. The goal is to grow the variety/ ies here in BG, so a cooler climate asks for a plant that will flower at the end of winter and begginning of spring, which is end of march trought april. If theres one that blooms even later, like may, that would be great.
He first wants to know the names of the varieties in question and will do his research on them, later he said he would be looking for plants or cuttings for grafting, once he's sure about the varieties.
Thanks for helping out !

Tropical Fruit Discussion / What variety/species of anonna is this?
« on: October 12, 2022, 10:42:46 AM »
One woman from BG is selling seedlings from this, shes labeled it as a cherimoya but the leaves on them are more pointier, just like the ones on the tree with the fruit, which doesnt look like a cherimoya to me. She said that the seedlings are from this particular fruiting plant. I ordered 2 and just want to know what i have, is it a sugar apple instead of cherimoya?
The tree is located somewhere in Miami ,Florida, incase this matters .

Tropical Fruit Discussion / A rather awkward fertilizer opportunity
« on: October 11, 2022, 10:26:53 AM »
So, prepare for this one! I found a bunch of very old bags with bones in the forrest. The nylon bags they were dumped into have pretty much degraded or are degrading so this should have happened at least 4-5 years ago.
The bones themselves also look old, they are all the same and look like the bones u get in chicken legs, i can quess they are from chickens.
I wonder if i could or should take the bones and hammer them and use them as a bone meal fertilizer. Are there any risks with deseases with old bones? Again ,they are all the same tipe, no spines and other nasties, they just look like someone just cooked a bunch of chicken limbs and discarded the remains.
Is this a good opportunity ?

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Fig winter protection
« on: September 29, 2022, 08:45:29 AM »
I have two inground figs, one of the hardier varieties that are in their second year inground. They are not small plants, i mean not starters or smth and jenerally went thru the last winter okay but heres the deal...
The one closer to the house had an additional prottection ,but  the one in the open yard had some tip die back due to the cold. I want to add some prottection to them so i do not get the frost bite on the tips. I noticed that the branches that did not had the tips die started to vegetate earlier in the spring, had more vigor in the sence that the leaves and fruit are bigger with shorter internodes. The fruit on those branches is also the earliest to ripen.
So what is the way to add some additional prottection to the plants, without wrapping them with hay or smth since they are too big for that...
Frost cloth? Tuying the branches and making some kind of a box to eliminate wind chill as a factor?
Thanks for any ideas !

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Can u show me your espaliered fruit trees ?
« on: September 12, 2022, 02:51:56 PM »
So i have a place for two trees to grow as espaliers, those would be temperate ones, probably nectarines.
What species of both temperate and tropical fruit plants have done well as espalliers for u, i am both interested in temperate and tropical species, the tropical ones would be guava, carambolla and cherimoya probably, those will be potted ...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Wireing avocado for training ?
« on: September 07, 2022, 12:38:50 AM »
My avocado got out of hand ,the branchesh are all cramped near the gh top, i want to get them to kinda weep down if possible. Some of them are too thick to be safely lured down, but those i will gradually try to fasten down with ropes. For the thinner ones i want to use some kind of wire to hopefully guide them down and make a weaping habbit out of it.
Is this a safe way to do it, does avocado have a thin fragile bark that would get damaged by wire, i could try to find a wire that is coated with plastic, like a cable of sorts...
The way it is now it just makes alot of shade for the other plants, i cand really let it spread too much..

When i was preparing the soil in the gh i did add sand for drainage and poriosity, i think i added less than what i need.
I understand that spreading it on top of the soil wont work, so i had the idea of making holes in the soil with a sharp obcect ,then filling those holes with sand . The soil really isnt bad , but i have some places that hold a bit of an excess moisture so would like to help with the drainage everywhere if possible.
Is this a good idea ?

Two weeks ago i collected guite alot of manure worms to my soil in the greenhouse, i collected them from my compost pile located in the near forest. I wonder if i should collect some more.
I also added some compost on the top of the soil and now when i dig a bit i find a few worms at each spot, both  the manure ones and the standard garden ones. Before i added the compost i could hardly find any garden worms in the soil, seems that it is attracting them .
Is there a risk to overpopulate the soil with them, i have alot of mulch on top of the soil so they should have enough to eat?

I have a 10 liter bottle of watter that is filled with a homemade ,ready to use fish emulsion. The thing has an almost black colour and a putrid smell to it/ normall.......i am using it at a dose of around one watter cup full of emulsion, per 12 liters of water.
In the emulsion apart from the fish, i have also added string algae from my ponds and some dirt. I have set 2 more bottles of fish waste to ferment for next year and i wonder what else can i add inside to make it richer. I red about sugar , stinging nettle and other organic wastes that can be added. 

What is your  recipe for a homemade fish emulsion and how often do u use it on your plants? I guess as an organic fert it cant really burn the plants, although this would probably deppend on the strength each different bach of emulsion has.....

I will be starting this project in september sometime and i'm stil wondering what kind of a radiator for the water heating system to take.
The space inside is verry limited, i do have a solid base on which i could mount the heating objects, but plants are planted all along the walls of the gh ,so i cant really go with the standart radiators at this particular area. I can only place them at the center of the gh ,right on the paths ,this will be a shitty decission since i wont be able to move freely at all. This choise is tsill possible since i dont have alot of variants anyway, if i would to place them at the paths i would like to be able to remove them in summer, but i know this will not be a good thing to do 2 times a year since the chance of a leak somewhere increases .

The other possible choise would be to buy bathroom radiators ,the ones that are like just tubes . Those i could easily place on the walls of the gh and there will be ebouth space between them and the plants i think. The thing that worries me is that they do not have the same heat capacity as the regular ones as they do not hold as much liters of water as the other tipe.
I also do not know how many radiators i will need, last year i did fine with a wood stove and got through minus 15 C temps guite a few times. The stove i used has a power or heat unit of 6.6 kw, i did not find a solo radiator with this much output so i will need several of them . I should also say that the stove wasnt burning at its full cappacity, it mostly had a gentle fire, so i may not really need something that powerfull....
Any reccomendations about my case are wellcomed ,but please no electricity or other means of heating like gas or other fuels, i want to do it connected to the house's heating sistem' which is via water...
Thank you !

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