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Hello everyone,

I've been tasked by a friend who lives on the  French Bourbon Island (off of South Africa) that is famous for its vanilla, to find him some low chill peach varieties.

It's been a hassle to be honest because I live in a temperate zone where we plant regular peach varietiesand they produce well.

In my search for the varieties suitable for his climate, I haven't been able to find much info about what is a low chill variety exactly.

Is it one that blooms early in the season because it needs less dormancy time wise or is it one that will still flower eventhough it didn't get much cold.

He says his climate is such that he doesn't get temps below 50F in winter.

Do I have to look for early flowering/ripening varieties or actually low chill branded varieties?

Any help would be highly appreciated as I am totally lost and he's been really amazing to me and sending me varieties that I could only dream to have.

I really wanna give back.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Thompson Atemoya
« on: September 29, 2020, 07:51:44 PM »

Anyone ever heard about the Thompson atemoya? It's commercially grown in Brazil, and tastes amazing... (but then again I've only ever had Cherimoya in my life).

Of all the varieties I've read about in this forum no results came back for Thompson, and I find it odd somehow... I doubt it's a brazilian variety per se, I mean it's probably not a variety that was bred there, but it is along with Geffner, one of the main variety commercially grown there.

I would be happy to hear what you think about it ...

Hey everyone...

I was desperate to find some info on how to graft lychees. I am well aware that it is not the prefered method for propagating lychee trees, but I was still hoping that there would be someone somewhere who would know how to do it and easily.

I've already checked the different discussions in here dealing with the matter, but it is all experimental and eventhough some have been able to pull some guidelines out of the different attempts, I just needed a lil more...

So I took it upon myself to look directly where lychee trees all came from which is China.... Google translate helped some and all I had to do was enter "lychee tree grafting" in mandarin in the youtube search bar.

It came back with mostly longan tree grafting videos but longan... Lychee.... tomato.... tomato...

Well what's most important, and as far as I understand from what I've read here so far, the rootstock and scionwood both have to be actively growing.

As you'll see in the video,  the scionwood they pick is actually pushing with young leaves already out of the bud!!!

The man's stach of scionwood in the following video is all pushed out which is usually a big no no!!

Here's the video, tell me what you guys think! Hope I didn't get over excited for nothing though....

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Thompson atemoya from Brazil
« on: December 30, 2018, 10:47:07 PM »
I've been looking all over the place for any mention of an atemoya variety called Thompson but so far, no luck!

I had the chance to get 4 boxes at my local market. They were overipe and the guy selling them was actually gonna throw them away (he usually sells cherimoyas but atemoyas are a rarity and unknown to most).

I got them for virtually free and took the 4 boxes home. I knew I wouldn't have another shot at tasting ates...


They actually felt apart when I grabbed them they were this ripe! But the flesh was still a perfect white with few seeds (I'd say 6 or 7 tops)...

The segments were melting and the flesh near the flesh was so creamy. I would scrape the skin with my spoon until there was nothing left.

I'm not sure about the variety though I must be honest. All I remember is the box said they were atemoyas from Brazil.

I've seached for pictures and if I'm not mistaken Thompson which is most planted variety in Brazil comes the closest to what I've had...

I'm just surprised there's no mention of it outside of Brazil.... could it be that it has another name?

Has anyone tried it? Or is there a particular reason it is not known anywhere else?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Baby Mangos
« on: September 17, 2018, 06:43:04 PM »
Hey all!!

I visited a local Asian supermarket last week because they are the only ones to carry tropical fruits around here.

Amongst the different varieties that are currently hitting the shelves from Spain (Osteen and Irwin) I came accross those baby mangos from Columbia.

I wanted to try them and see if they had anything special besides their size as some of them were as small as a plum and a piece of grapes.

After some research I have found that some people refer to them as "mango de azucar" and "peach mango"... Not sure if they're the same though.

Anyway I really enjoyed them and I was wondering if anyone could give us more info on this variety / type of mango.

One more thing, as you may imagine I was eager to get to the pit in the hope of maybe sprouting a poly seeds... it turns out the pit shell was empty.

So if anyone can direct me to this variety or any other that has the same kinda flavor I'd really appreciate it as they were delish!!!!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Lychee ID + deficiency ID please
« on: August 28, 2018, 06:15:51 AM »
Hello fellow lychee enthusiasts,

I recently bought a nice lychee tree from a spanish nursery and the tag was with no help re the name of the variety as it only said "New varieties".
I wouldn't have bought it had I had the choice, but it's all the place had to offer in terms of lychee and I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally wanted one.
Sure, I could have grabbed the mauritius that was eyeing me right next to it but Mauritius is said to perform poorly on the mediterranean coast for whatever reason and it was later confirmed to me by someone at Brokaw Spain.

And to add insult to injury, before I could fit it in my suitcase, I had to chop it down to a stub before it could fit in my suitcase so I could bring it back home cause there was no way the flight co would have allowed me to take it with me inside the plane.

It bounced back pretty nicely I must say but now, I stand next to it everyday, looking on the internet, scratching my chin trying to find out what variety it could be...

I can narrow it down to 3 or 4 varieties that are commonly sold in Spain when it comes to lychee and those would be : Mauritius, Wai Chee, McLean's red and Kwai May Pink...

On top of that I seem to have another problem with some kind of deficiency as the leave appear somehow chlorotic.

I'm not yet too familiar with lychee and I'm not sure what it might be... I just know that those leave better be much greener soon if i wanna have a healthy tree...


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Grano de oro and Mingolo Mango
« on: June 02, 2015, 09:31:25 AM »

I was wondering if any of you was familiar with mangoes from the Dominican Republic Grano de Oro and Mingolo.

I bought a couple of tiny one from the supermarket they were the size of a hen's egg but daaaayuuummmm were they sweet and good.

The box had both entries for the variety but none of them was checked so I know I have one of them but can't tell for sure which one.

I planted the seeds and it turns out it is polyembrionic but I would like to know if it bears fruit rapidly and how it fares as far as disease resistance is concerned and if it is a dwarf tree:!

I also got my hands on 2 VP seeds but from what I've read here so far, this one is a grower....

Citrus General Discussion / Gold Nugget or Tango?
« on: May 29, 2015, 04:24:49 PM »
I had a Murcott mandarin 2 months ago at a restaurant. Never had such a delish mandarin before. It had everything perfect : Seedless, sweet, juicy, some acidity, easy peel, nice color, good size... you name it!

I had to search through pages and pages to get the name of the variety.
And then right when I was about to get my hands and some scionwood, I hear about Tango which is a mutated cultivar of Murcott which happens to be seedless no matter if pollinated or not (unlike Murcotts and when Murcotts get pollinated they can bear close to 10 seeds per fruit)...

So I'm reading about Tango and now I'm hearing of another variety that is just as good... Here comes gold nugget! And we have neither where I am...

Now I'm stuck in the middle of those two, not knowing which is best ! Anyone ever tasted both and can advise me on which to graft?

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