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WTB Organic Turmeric Rhizomes

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Hello Members ,

Looking for Organic Turmeric Rhizomes The Bright Orange Type  , will buy or trade for Banana pups or Plumeria.

Thanks Ed

Iím in South FL

Hey, ed. Don't know how many you need, but if it is only a few, I'd head to your nearest grocery and pick a couple up in the produce section. In my experience, both store bought ginger and turmeric will grow for you. Buy them now, plant them in early spring, harvest a year from now.
Might be easier.

Hello Ed, they sell nice ones on etsy.com I ordered some from Hawaii a year ago and grew it this year in the ground it it did great and needs to be harvested now.  Check out the etsy.com site and order some there are lots of HI sellers.

Thank you!

This topic should be moved to the other forum section with vegetables.
Tumeric is not a plant grown for it's fruit as far as I know :D



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