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New Auctions ending Sunday

Good evening fellow fruit addicts. I have been fortunate with some seed germination and thought I have a little sale for those Duguetia enthusiasts who have been waiting for germinated seeds and seedlings.  Some i will put up for sale as I am out of room and getting good germination rates so passing on the savings. Seedlings will need a little more time but some ultra rare ones on the way. Also ungerminated Duguetia seeds are half price!
Germinated seeds
$20 Duguetia stenantha My favorite annona. I am hoping to grow enough for this to become a commercial crop in the USA.
$20 Duguetia spixiana What a cool looking fruit with a sweet tropical flavor.

Also received some more pictures from the explorer who found the Eugnenia langsdorfii... if you are looking for a cool container plant this may be it.

Also I now accept crypto payments at checkout though Coinbase commerce.

Thanks for the shout out! Just a little note as to why I am a little more expensive. I travel to the source of these seeds. I fell for the trap of "Cheap" Brazilian rare seeds and things did not turn out as I had hoped. Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous resellers in Brazil renaming species and marketing to make a quick buck. I only deal direct with explorers or growers themselves unless I personally find the fruit in nature. I figured that people would pay for quality vetted seeds direct from the explorers themselves or their personal orchards. If you get seeds from me you also won't get any marketing gimmicks to sell seeds. Hopefully transitioning to a seedling seller as there is no way to make a living on seeds alone. :)

What a great time to be a rare fruit collector! I have been traveling to South America to meet and source rare seeds from the communities from which they come and share how valuable these trees can be to the world. I am back from the latest expedition and now time to do some boring inventory and sales while watching football. Geaux Saints!

My travels have taken me to the Peruvian Amazon to live with families in the flood plains to collect fruit... to the indigenous Tikuna community of Columbia and all over Brazil. Much much more to come.

Inga vera from Lima
Inga edulis true version from Peru
Inga parterna from Guatemala
Inga nobilis from Iquitos Peru

Garcinia sp Redondo
Garcinia bahiensis
Garcinia de Bico
Garcinia madruno ( my favorite... tastes like lemonheads with little latex)
Garcinia aristata the cuban mangosteen

Annona (Will have some really rare annona and duguetia coming... stay tuned)
Annona montana "San Martin Pina" this var tastes exactly like pineapple. I am growing out at least 2 for my yard (I live in L.A. and spave is super limited... that should tell you how much I like this one!)
Annona Sylvatica
Annona hypoglauca from Peru amazon
Annona Mucosa "Biriba" the Lemona meringue annona
Myrciaria (quickly becoming my favorite genus)
Myrciaria sp Red Flame ... new growth looks like a red flame... gorgeous from seedshunter
Myciaria floribunda white trunk
Myrciaria sp Roxa

Eugenia caipora
Eugenia burkartiana
Eugenia aff patrissii

Rare amazon seedlings
Aegphilia integrifolio
Mouriri sp Amazonas
Manilkara decresens
Pradosia ptychandra  species comes from French Guiana. it grows up to 20 meters tall. Fruits are intensively eaten by monkeys therefore It is hard to get whole fruits. even-though this fruit has a little pulp, it is super sweet. all fruits are single seeded.

Pouteria sp Amazonas
Pouteria sp Acre
Pouteria torta
Pouteria ramiflora

I have been traveling a bunch lately and seedlings (for sale soon) is taking up way too much space so I am trying something new and seeing if there is interest in paying a little more for germinated seeds.

I was able to source a new Eugenia from Colombia Pacific coast.
$75. Eugenia sp "El Choco"

The shrub has a wonderful ornamental growth and beautiful sweet fruit with some resinous to it. I only was able to get a few.

I also have some germinated Illama white and pink from El Paredon, Guatemala. $20
$20 Eugenia Langsdorfii from Brazil and a bunch of
$10 Garcina Intermedia from the Tikuna community in Colombia.

Happy Labor day! I am back from a mini scouting mission and have some really interesting new species to introduce. I was able to source and acquire a decent number of Duguetia spixiana and offering a Labor day promotion of Buy 2 get 1 one free. It will automatically apply at checkout and will "stack" until they are sold out.

New Seeds

Annona dioica

Annona coriacea

Anonna neolaurifolia

Annona ubatubensis

Annona spinescens

Duguetia furfuracea

Duguetia spixiana

Duguetia aff Lancelotata especiale

Eugenia langsdorfii

Randia calycinia

In addition, I am starting to offer seedlings of species as they are ready to ship so new species will be added weekly.

Use led grow lights to supplement light but they really donít like a lot of light. They grow in the understory and donít see very much light.

If you have been following my story then you know that I have been traveling the world to collect rare and endangered species of fruiting trees. I have some seedlings to offer now that they are growing and ready to go to passionate and enthusiastic growers.

Myrcia sp Brasilensis   
Seedling of exotic Myrica sp Brazil. First time introduced to USA found by brazilian fruit hunter specialist and collector. Said to be very tasty but limited flesh. Leaf growth is ornamental.   
Eugenia caipora seedling... seeds imported from Brazil      

Salacia elliptica ....Rare seedling from Brazil      

Annona macrophylata Red Illama from Veracruz      

Ultra rare Annona leptopetala seedling from Brazil. Highly collectable.   
First yellow flowered Inga sp Amarillo San Martin Extremely limited less than 5   
"First yellow flowered Inga sp Amarillo San Martin Extremely limited less than 5 seedlings will be offered... if that many! I found this Inga hiking through the San Matin village of indigenous Tikuna community in Colombia, South America. I stopped in my tracks when I saw the flowers and just stared. That couldn't be a yellow flowered inga? I searched for pods and found 3 almost ripe fruit. Very tasty and yellow tinge to the fruit although not quite ripe. I was able to find three pods and very limited seeds. My guide chuckled and she said she wished her husband looked at her the way I looked at this Inga!   
I've asked all the experts and no one has heard of a yellow flowered inga, very very limited."   

Pouteria sp Amazonas sweeter and better than canistel. Very limited   
Pouteria sp Amazonas. Native species of the Amazon region, found in some points around Manaus. It has tasty pulp, similar in texture to Canistel, but softer and moister, and of superior quality.   
The fruits are abundant in the plant, which produces during some months of the year.   
It is a very resistant plant, grows well in savannah and forest regions, tolerates light frosts.      

Chupa Chupa Sapote Quararibea cordata Extremely limited Tambopata Select   

I caught the tail end of Chupa Chupa season while in Peru. The two fruits I found in the Iquitos market were average tasting. Then I flew from Iquitos to Puerto Maldonado and went on expedition in Tambopata National reserve and I found a tree with ripe Chupa Sapote and it was the best tasting fruit of my trip. It was super juicy with mango texture and sweet cantaloupe flavor.   
The flavor for chupa chupa is highly variable and so this selection will be highly sought after for its superior genetics.      

Pouteria lucuma seedling Sweet and moist selection from Lima   
Pouteria lucuma seedling Sweet and moist selection from Lima. I searched every in Lima for moist Lucuma that you can eat out of hand. This was the best selection found in an Organic farmers market held once a week in MIraflores.   

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Wtb abiu seeds
« on: August 10, 2022, 10:50:16 PM »
I donít have seeds but I have seedlings i can sell.
30 plus shipping $9 for priority.

David, thanks for the update! I am so excited that you got yours to sprout, but of course you got great advice for the fruit guru himself! Frutas raras.  Iím taking yours and his advice.
Keith. Got the order  going out in the morning. ThanK for the positive words.

Ice cream: thatís awesomeness every thing is doing well.  Iíve also heard of people bagging and using Christmas lights as a wrap around trunk to keep warm. Iím still determined to find the one Abiu that will make it though the winter.

That is awesome! I just got reports of others germinating their Duguetia marcgraviana so I went and checked my stash and half have germinated already as well. I am so stoked! I just got a report from Brazil that the stenatha seeds from this lot are germinating now. So that means about one more month and we should start to see some action.

Duguetia species should be self fertile as the flowers form both male and female parts although at different times just like other annona. However with that being said. I cannot say for certain as I donít know of anyone with a fruiting Duguetia species in the USA.

Hello fellow fruit growers. My wife and I just came back from our Guatemala expedition and have seeds to offer. The first shipment of Illama seeds are here and added to my webpage.

Illama "Blanca" An interesting Central American Annona, with fairly large fruits that roughly resemble cherimoya. The flesh is sweet, quite tasty from the El Paredon region of Guatemala. The white fruit had a custard like flesh that was complex with coconut and sugar apple sweetness.  Small to medium sized tree.

Illama Roja Red An interesting Central American Annona, with fairly large fruits that roughly resemble cherimoya. The flesh is sweet, quite tasty from the El Paredon region of Guatemala. The white fruit had a custard like flesh with the white parts very minimal and the red parts tasting like raspberry and strawberry jelly. Small to medium sized tree.

Illama "Rosa" pink An interesting Central American Annona, with fairly large fruits that roughly resemble cherimoya. The flesh is sweet, quite tasty from the El Paredon region of Guatemala. The white fruit had a custard like flesh with the white parts chewy and cherimoya like and the pink parts taste like strawberry jelly. Small to medium sized tree.

Coming soon: Mamey Sapote, Mammee Apple (YUM!), and Soncoya

I was able to find some moist Lucuma from a farmers market in Lima and semi moist lucuma from the Colombian Amazon. Just checked and looks like I have some germination. Might have some seedlings available.

As you know, I have been traveling around the world trying to secure viable seeds. My travels have taken me to the Peruvian Amazon to live with families in the flood plains to collect fruit... to the indigenous Tikuna community of Colombia and all over Brazil. Much much more to come.
During that time, my loving wife has kept all my little seedlings alive, but its time to reduce her workload. Happy bidding no reserves.

Seeds and seedlings are still available at Shipping from California

LAST ONE 1/2 gal deep pot seedling Annona montana from San Martin Colombia

Bunchosia maritima Peanut butter jelly fruit from Master Fruitologist H. Josue.
What a great time to be a rare fruit collector! I have been traveling the world to meet and source rare seeds from the communities from which they come and share how valuable these trees can be to the world. This time my travels took me to Brazil to the orchard of Master fruitologist Helton Josue. Cousin to the peanut butter fruit this has more of the strawberry jelly flavor. Wonderful tasting fruit.

Manilkara decrescens MaÁaranduba Da Praia seedling Very limited

Ultra rare Annona leptopetala seedling from Brazil. Highly collectable.

Yellow flowered inga from the Tikuna community

1/2 gallon tall Ilama pink from Verazruz

Pouteria sp Amazonas sweeter and better than canistel. Very limited

Seedling of exotic Myrica sp Brazil. First time introduced to USA Last one


Home from vacay and got your order. Super excited to get these seeds to you and will go out first thing in the morning. Lucuma should do good in your location. It was the only outdoor pouteria that didnt defoliate. These were semi moist and large and very tasty! The inga vera have already germinated. Happy growing my friend.

Thanks for the props Jeremy and SocalBalcony. We need to hang out soon! Beach and Fruit party!


After many months of expeditions and explorations and soft openings I am ready to open my new store. I was having difficulty finding and sourcing quality viable seeds, so I decided to go find them myself. With the increase in Airline tickets and gas, I will have to take a break from exploring for a while and recoup investment. I spent way too much money looking for my favorite fruit... Duguetia stenatha! However, I was fortunate to secure more seeds to offer. In order to celebrate the grand opening I am offering a special on

Duguetia stenatha (My favorite fruit from Colombia. Tastes like brown sugar and praline with a moist candy corn consistency) Buy 2 get 1 free!

Some items I only have a handful of seeds to offer. Inventory is accurate and once sold out, thats all the seeds that I will have for sale.
New additions
Annona deceptrix
Annona dolapretela
Annona Leptopetala
Annona Neolaurifolia
Annona neoseriacea
Annona nutan
Annona rugulosa
Annona sp Black
Duguetia sp yellow maranjao
Annona tormentosa
Annona ubatubanensis
Bunchosia maritima
Campomanesia simulans
Duguetia stelechanta
Duguetia marcgraviana
Eugenia burkatiana
Eugenia caipora
Eugenia observa
Eugenia punicifolia
Manikara Bella
Manikara subcericea
Myrcia Sp
Passiflora gigante
Passiflora sp
Plinia edulis
Pouteria sp Amazon Canistel
Psidium grandifolium var. albidum
Psidium sartorinum
Psidium sp AUSTRALE
Psidium sp creme gigante
Randia ferox
Pouteria Camito

I have seedlings of Theobroma subincanum for 60 and Herrnia mariae for $25. Also have seeds for an Orange Theobroma cacao and new Leonia I am still trying to identify.

I have some green sapote seedlings that I was saving to graft and then plant. My two grafted green sapote are currently on Mamey. I hope to have a couple to offer for sale at a good price next spring after the seedlings go through one more year of growth and successfull grafting. Hopefully i can source more green sapote seeds but wow have these things been hard to find. I would highly suggest taking Brian up on his 100 seedling and I can sell scions next year.

I have a makawao grafted onto Mamey in ground in So Cal. This is the third year it has flowered but has not held fruit yet. It defoliates each winter but bounces back with very little die back however I would much rather have it on green sapote rootstock.

Yes I live near LAX. I have a three year old Duguetia Phaeoclados that I kept outside this winter and it did fine. I do have it in a microclimate and mist it in the afternoon. Dugeutia stenatha is from the amazon so that one I dont know about. This is the first year I have heard about it being introduced into the US so we are pioneers if we can get them to germinate.

All the other Duguetias I have currently for sale can experience temps down to 26 F from reports from Helton Josue, so this gives me much optimisim and hope.


If you have bought seeds from me in the past hit me up for a discount code.

Duguetia stenatha
Duguetia salicifolia
Duguetia lanceolata
Annona cacans
Annona crassiflora
Annona sylvatica
Garcinia macrophylla
Garcinia intermedia (My favorite acidic garcinia, very very little latex so you can eat these all day long without any weird mouth latexy feel like other lemony Garcinia)

Some Seeds from Brazil have arrived and processed. I spent time in Brazil looking for Duguetia and Annonas that will survive in Southern California, my beloved home. All my research led me to one man, Master fruitologist Helton Josue. After arranging a time and promising to bring him seeds from expeditions, we met at his home and orchard. It was quite a trek, after a 4 hour drive from Sao Paulo, and getting lost three times, I found a Brazilian rancher on horseback who took one look at me and said "frutas rara"? and I followed him on a red clay road all the way to the Orchard. Google maps is a liar!
Anyways, I was fortunate enough to learn from him that Duguetia and some Annonas actually have good frost and cold tolerance surviving down to -3 Celsius or 26 F. This is the temperature that his orchard can get down to and therefore has verified these numbers!

I will have much more to offer in the future (some are extremely rare and exclusive so keep an eye out when I open my new store, but I was sooooooo excited to be able to offer these seeds that I am offering them on my Etsy platform. I will be closing my Etsy shop soon and opening my own ecommerce store as I scale up my service to also offering seedlings. I just received my license to sell nursery stock in California :)

Thanks Nate! Hopefully one of these days I can drag you along with me.

FruitJungle just got your order, and it will go out tomorrow. Yes each little red fleshy flowery thing has one seed that you squeeze out the top and then chew the whole fruit/flower. It's a moraceae family like figs and mulberry so has same pollination characteristics. One of the most interesting fruits from the Peru trip.

Im back from expedition and working on offering rare tropical seeds. I've updated and reopened my little etsy store

The wild sourced rare seeds will be auctioned on eBay later this week.

Every seed was cleaned and inspected and currently in hand in the US. Seeds are very fresh, never let to dry out and will have high viability if treated correctly. These won't last long. Happy growing.

All Tropical Fruit Forum members can use the code: TFFLOVE for 10% off.

Some of the seeds from the Peru expedition is starting to germinate. Before I make them seedlings, I am offering them up to forum members :)

Herrnia mariae $5 per seed
Annona hypoglauca $5 per seed

Added new seeds to shop. Wild sources seeds will be auctioned on eBay.


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