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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: 🥭 Mangos for sale
« on: August 02, 2022, 09:04:43 AM »
Got mine in record time as well!

Thanks as always frank

Thanks Ice cream Bean!

A bad review is just as useful as a good one-


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: 🥭 Mangos for sale
« on: July 30, 2022, 03:17:42 PM »
Have ordered from Frank in the past, and always been happy-

he is an excellent vendor-

Just placed an order for mangoes and he has already exceeded my expectations-

Cheers Frank- You're the man

Here is my seedling from San Diego Botanic Garden-

Growing with two stalks now because something damaged it early on-

Here ya go-

Always willing to help a michigander out-

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Annona senegalensis
« on: July 29, 2022, 09:07:17 PM »
Wanted to add my observations on this species as I am growing it now, and it seems to be gaining interest (again?)

First I sourced my seeds from JibrilEnterprises in Ghana- he is the man-

I sowed them in 100%vermiculite and watered pretty much daily- left them outside here in z9

My structure looks a bit different from the other pictures here- but It may just be because they are seedlings- it looks like the downy new growth

I had a few pop up after 2 years-

I had thought that I killed all of mine last year (as indicated by the Eugenia patirisii coplanted with it right now) but this is definitely as 2 year old that came back with some vigor-

I'm saving most of these at the moment to see if I can get some more cold tolerant ones but may let some go in the future-

Seems great for growing in pots, and could be a real gem if grafting to it proves to be successful

I know of at least one tree on mamey stock that was holding a good fruit here in houston

It was forum member AndreasGia's tree so, unfortunately, I am not sure of what happened to it but it is possible

Thanks D!

You're the man as always-

I'll consider taking you up on that.

While we are on the subject- I assume the same would be true for Theobroma and Cola spp. Jonah?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Mammee apple seedlings
« on: July 26, 2022, 10:43:00 AM »

Are you still distributing these nullzero?

I think I managed to get 5 from Bush2Beach and a few more from around here

Garcinia’s hate Northern California. It sounds like extra work to try and bring them and baby them to keep them alive.
This is the comment I was looking for, Thanks Jonah

never had the selected varieties but even the wild fruits are pretty tasty-

also a 0 maintenance plant-

they are seedy but I just suck all the pulp out and then spit the seeds- other people are fans of making juice

According to the original post-

Opuntia sp: Torrance PCH#1
Large red fruit with red interior. Excellent sweet flavor with subtle watermelon taste. Soft small seeds that can be broken down by teeth. Low spreading growth habit. Fruit resistant to rotting due to moisture/humidity. Fruit holds on plant for months through the winter, while maintaining great eating qualities. Production moderate to low.

It would seem yours are not red fruited, and thus probably not this variety-

I have a few pads from Jonah and will report back on the eventual fruit

they are all in pots currently-

the species I have are here

G. acuminata
G. brasiliensis
G. celebica
G. humilis
G. indica
G. kola
G. sp. "Lindero"
G. livingstonei
G. macrophylla
G. mangostana
G. sp. "Mandrono"
G. vleerackeii
R. aristata
R. sp. - this is the unlabeled one from Fruit and Spice Park in Miami if anyone wants to go snip

They are in a pretty sheltered spot of my yard, and I can set up autowatering- but I will be moving across state lines so popping back to move the pots is a non-option

You can maybe have some roblack haha

Just pondering what to do with my Garcinia trees before the move-

On the one hand they probably will like the humidity of Houston much more than dry Bay area- On the other I wont be able to keep an eye on them in Houston

Happy to take cecropia cuttings- I have 3 independent plants

Hmm sounds like you might have a pressure issue. Are you overloading the distribution line with flow from other sprinklers? I don't think water hammer is an issue because it sounds like you are still getting some flow.  Do you have a filter and pressure reducer on your line?

I have around 400 or so emitters and very rarely have any issues with clogs or heads popping off.  Pretty stoked with the netafim supernets. I'm on well water too and don't have major issues, I'm sure I will at some point though.

It's a bit puzzling-

I'm going to look for kinks in the main line that can be replace as well- I have less that 400 emitters

One thing is I am using the inline filter mentioned in a previous post but I also have a chlorine/chloramine filter which I suspect may be reducing the flow- I am very happy with the setup so far but as I suspected getting things fine tuned is a bit of an art- I'm gonna take a massive amount of pictures this weekend to see if that will help with tips

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Inga vera produces multiple seedlings
« on: July 21, 2022, 07:53:46 PM »
Most likely offshoots-

I have many of these that sucker from the base

Thanks K-Rimes, I have completely abandoned the idea of an emitter for every plant-

I have already implemented sprinklers in the areas where things are densely planted in ground and, honestly, everything in ground is covered.

The problem is with the elevated pots-

I got the Jain pressure compensating sprinklers which claim they can do 15' circular- I'm getting maybe 1-2'

they work better than the non-pressure compensating drippers but when I drop one of those sprinklers down to the ground it is probably covering 4-5'

I did some tests this afternoon and I think there are a confluence of problems causing some low pressure points in my system

  • I have a few runs of 1/4" poly that are more than 10 feet - tested by closing these off with goof plugs (saw some rise in pressure)
  • Elevation - Tested by placing the sprinklers on the ground instead of the pots on pallets (bigger rise in pressure)
  • Not a closed loop
  • possibly too many emitters

At this point I have resolved to close the loop by running ~20ft of 3/4" or 1" pvc under the driveway. (I tested digging with a pickaxe and it actually wasn't so bad) I think I will just connect the poly to the pvc and have the water run through the pvc instead of sleeving it, but if it is a relatively easy DIY I could be convinced to sleeve it. If I have dead ends into drip lines (like on the bottom left of the picture) is this a problem? I could also close these loops

I think this will solve problems 2 and 3 (dear god please) but as far as point #1 goes I am not sure If I should close the loop on the 1/4" poly runs, swap the 1/4" poly runs for 1/2" (again closing the loop back to the 3/4" main) or just go with some sprinklers that will cover area

I don't think there is much of a way around #4- I have a ton of plants and especially if I am trying to put 2 emitters per plant in ground the number will be in the 100's

Any and all help appreciated- my time to fix this is dwindling

Thank you so much!

Got another project to try to get done before the move

so basically you are saying lay pvc under the gravel and feed poly through?

2 questions-

1. Why not just have an adapter to pvc and run the water through the pvc for the portion under the driveway?

2. I am running 3/4" poly for the main line on most parts- so would a 1" pvc with a 3/4" poly compression adaptor work?

I am experiencing pressure loss at a few points in the system- going to try to close most of the loops to see if that corrects it-

I am running less than 500' of total line but I have a ton of emitters



Approximately how long will this little fruit take to grow to a ripe stage, assuming it survives? (I am optimistic, as it has held on for several weeks and is steadily increasing in size.)

Are green sapotes easily damaged by nitrogen burn? My White sapote loved a load of nitrogen heavy compost, but I figured out too late that this unrelated tree did not.

I will try to update this post with photos of the tree as it progresses, as well as its one, solitary, exciting (to me) fruit!

Fruit can take more than a year to ripen- congrats on the set!

Pouteria are not known to be heavy feeders in general- I have most of the genus on 1/4 to 1/2 the fertilizer recommended for normal application

So I was out looking for apartments this past weekend and of course stole some time to go to SFBG- a lot of cool stuff happening on the trees right now

Luma apiculata- flowering like crazy but no fruit set yet-

Ugni molinae- tons of fruitlets and blooms but nothing ripe yet- almost broke my tooth on one

Vaccinium ovatum- quite tasty huckleberries- seem to need no care

Eugenia spp?

Arbutus unedo- some people say this is bland but I think they are quite good- just like strawberries

Another Eugenia spp?

Can anyone ID these Passiflora?
Number 1

Number 2

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Wanted Peperomia pellucida
« on: July 18, 2022, 11:06:57 AM »

I used to have a plant but I overwatered it

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