Author Topic: Sat night Ebay: Chupa Chupa, Red Illama, Lucuma, Inga Yellow flower ultra rare  (Read 248 times)


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If you have been following my story then you know that I have been traveling the world to collect rare and endangered species of fruiting trees. I have some seedlings to offer now that they are growing and ready to go to passionate and enthusiastic growers.

Myrcia sp Brasilensis   
Seedling of exotic Myrica sp Brazil. First time introduced to USA found by brazilian fruit hunter specialist and collector. Said to be very tasty but limited flesh. Leaf growth is ornamental.   
Eugenia caipora seedling... seeds imported from Brazil      

Salacia elliptica ....Rare seedling from Brazil      

Annona macrophylata Red Illama from Veracruz      

Ultra rare Annona leptopetala seedling from Brazil. Highly collectable.   
First yellow flowered Inga sp Amarillo San Martin Extremely limited less than 5   
"First yellow flowered Inga sp Amarillo San Martin Extremely limited less than 5 seedlings will be offered... if that many! I found this Inga hiking through the San Matin village of indigenous Tikuna community in Colombia, South America. I stopped in my tracks when I saw the flowers and just stared. That couldn't be a yellow flowered inga? I searched for pods and found 3 almost ripe fruit. Very tasty and yellow tinge to the fruit although not quite ripe. I was able to find three pods and very limited seeds. My guide chuckled and she said she wished her husband looked at her the way I looked at this Inga!   
I've asked all the experts and no one has heard of a yellow flowered inga, very very limited."   

Pouteria sp Amazonas sweeter and better than canistel. Very limited   
Pouteria sp Amazonas. Native species of the Amazon region, found in some points around Manaus. It has tasty pulp, similar in texture to Canistel, but softer and moister, and of superior quality.   
The fruits are abundant in the plant, which produces during some months of the year.   
It is a very resistant plant, grows well in savannah and forest regions, tolerates light frosts.      

Chupa Chupa Sapote Quararibea cordata Extremely limited Tambopata Select   

I caught the tail end of Chupa Chupa season while in Peru. The two fruits I found in the Iquitos market were average tasting. Then I flew from Iquitos to Puerto Maldonado and went on expedition in Tambopata National reserve and I found a tree with ripe Chupa Sapote and it was the best tasting fruit of my trip. It was super juicy with mango texture and sweet cantaloupe flavor.   
The flavor for chupa chupa is highly variable and so this selection will be highly sought after for its superior genetics.      

Pouteria lucuma seedling Sweet and moist selection from Lima   
Pouteria lucuma seedling Sweet and moist selection from Lima. I searched every in Lima for moist Lucuma that you can eat out of hand. This was the best selection found in an Organic farmers market held once a week in MIraflores.   


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