Author Topic: New mango varieties from Zill - Lil Gem, Ambrosia, Delores, Kathy and Nancy  (Read 42756 times)


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Tommy Atkins is pretty good dehydrated.


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They are both likely more disease-resistant than Keitt.  And Nancy is a very attractive fruit.

I have pointed out before, on other threads, that Tommy Atkin, tree-matured and eaten still firm, slightly green, is good enough to be refreshing.
Tommy Atkins earns its terrible reputation when well ripened--- all the worse when imported.

Thank you for the helpful information!  I hadn't been able to find much about Nancy anywhere.

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Nancy was delicious! First of all it is very attractive to the eye. Like a big red cannonball!  the taste was sweet and citrusy. no fiber. I was surprised how good it was.. I was not expecting the citrus aspect.  Thank you Tony!


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These are some 3lb Nancy mangos.
There is a regular size Valencia pride for comparison.
I'm pretty sure I got the budwood from squam, I saw he was saying one of his might have been Providence.
Either way this is disease free, late mango and the sap has a West Indian/Bombay smell.
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