Author Topic: Demand for non commercial varieties of avocado and mango in Europe?  (Read 161 times)


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Hello all,

Do you guys have any ideas on if there's any demand for non commercial varieties of avocado and mangos in Europe. The type of varieties often talked about on this forum and others. I found it something I dealt with personally when looking at what varieties are available. Many mentioned varieties are unattainable here.

Examples of commercial types available:

Avocado: Hass, fuerte, bacon.
And a few other common varieties that don't grow well on this continent outside a small strip in the Mediterranean.

Mango: keitt , Kent , osteen (I just bought these three) Irwin.
And a few more commonly bought mango varieties. Nothing like these special varieties often talked about here.

As such I was thinking of starting a small home nursery not sure if I'll turn it into a business yet that will depend on the sales. And propegate these varieties from Scion wood imported from the US. I notice any special variety sold on things like Etsy or eBay are often just seedlings or seedlings grafts. Sometimes for decent price but also sometimes for a premium. So I want to do something that's more professional quality. So that people get a decent product with more assurance even if the price is a bit higher than regular varieties, and waiting times may be a bit longer. I'm fairly certain some of these Etsy plants are just hass avocado seed planted.(something everyone can do) So For the avocados I'm planning a selection of more cold hardiness as well.

Do you think there would be a demand for this in Europe? Or you think it's just a waste of time and money. I do live in northern Europe so these will go in a heated greenhouse over the winter. I'm looking at 200 plants or so but if it really takes off I might increase.

What are some things you desire/are important buying these plants?(especially as a European) would you prefer grafted or on own roots? Are you fine with smaller plants? because most these are shipped cross country. If you have any thoughts let me know. Thankyou.


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