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I call it Pickle Ice Snake Fruit but first thing first you need to have all the ingredients ready.

1 kg Salak Pondoh / Pondoh Snake Fruit Peel it & slice it
10 pcs Orange Slice it into two pieces
Hot water Sufficiently
Sanding sugar Sufficiently
1 spoon Salt
8 pcs Chilli Pepper Mash rather smooth

Now follow this step :
1. Wash the snake fruitís pieces and then put aside.
2. Squeeze the orange and put its skin into the bowl.
3. Add hot water, sanding sugar and salt.
4. Stir until the sanding sugar dissolved.
5. Add the chili pepper and stir it again.
6. Add the snake fruitís pieces into the bowl.
7. Put the bowl into a refrigerator.
8. Serve it when itís cold enough.

Be the first to try it out and comment your result here.. Good luck

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Salak
« on: February 03, 2019, 03:35:13 AM »
If you want to plant Salak tree, I suggest you to start with Salak Bali cultivar. It is the only monoecious snake fruit plant in the world. Meaning, you don't have to hand-pollinate the flower cause it self-pollinating. It makes Salak Bali cultivation a lot easier than the other snake fruit cultivars. Plus Salak Bali is actually one of the best snake fruit cultivar in Indonesia.

Okay, to give you some perspective, there are 22 species, 30 known cultivar and each cultivars has its varieties. So, when someone asks me about snake fruit I usually ask them back, "What kind of snake fruit?". Different cultivars meaning different taste and sometimes size.

And if you're curious about salak, you can visit my site, start here Contact me from contact tab on the site if you need anything.

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