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Planting seeds of Citrus Bergamia

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--- Quote from: bussone on November 22, 2023, 02:59:00 PM ---
--- Quote from: alexmed95 on November 22, 2023, 02:20:22 PM ---Another update:

I received a small bergamot tree from a nursery about a month ago. Crushed some of its leaves, and the smell is not the same as
my seedlings. Bergamot is very peppery, while the seedling gives somewhat of a "fruit loop" or kids' grapes-flavoured vitamin scent. Maybe it's
the smell of common Sour Orange leaves?

Probably only time will tell.

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Artificial grape smell is Methyl anthranilate. Annoyingly, that is a chemical expressed by bergamot and mandarins (reticulata) and sour oranges (aurantium). So it's not specific evidence either way.

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Well... First, thanks for this information. I didn't know that! Second, except for being the most noticeable scent of the seedlings' leaves, I'm still at the starting point, haha! I can also see that the leaves are not the same shape as my Bergamot's, but rather closer to the ones of a Sour Orange.


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