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Thanks Jim, very interesting summary  :)

Reading this forum, I always had the impression that Xie Shan was among the very earliest of Satsumas. Is that not the case or is it just with Jim?

jim VH:
Hi Florian,
I suspect it's just me, or rather, my cool climate. Xie Shan 𝘪𝘴 a very early type; it reaches full size at the same time as my other early ripening cultivars. Later ripening varieties like Owari never reach full size, nor overwinter very well.
  The reason it becomes enjoyable later than some of the others is because Xie Shan has a very high acid level, which is part of the reason for its good flavor. So high. it's winceable.  In warmer climates the acid level drops very rapidly as it sits on the tree, so becomes comestible at about the same time as other early Satsumas.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, cool weather arrives early so, even though it reaches full size, it takes longer for the chemical processes that convert acid to sugar to occur. The more insipid varieties, the acid level is already low to start with, so the sugar to acid ratio is already at a tolerable level.
  At least, that's my guess.

Jim, I'm in SoCal and I also don't get my grafted Xie Shan to fully ripen until December.

My other satsuma and ponkan starts to ripen from November-January. The earliest citrus fruit that turns color (except for my Valencia which seems to have ripe fruit for a longer time than others) is the Flying Dragon. Most of my FD fruits are all yellow and some fruits are dropping off now, so I need to collect them for the seeds to plant.

The warmer the area the tree is growing in the later the fruit will turn yellow color.  Many mandarin's and satsumas are actually mature before the fruit colors up.


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