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Kumquats seedlings dying

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I go along with David Kipps, that the seedling has the fungi damping off, caused by the fungus rhizoctonia, Pythium or fusarium.  This problem is caused by over wet soil in cool conditions. There is nothing you can do about it now.   To avoid this from happing again, after watering place the container in a sunny window after each watering, so the top surface of the soil quickly dries.

Too much light is impossible.

Citrus seem to be able to handle full sun with no problem at all. 

I have seen a lot of citrus small seedlings die off.   Every time I start a batch of kumquat or trifoliate seedlings I usually lose a third of them or more without any obvious cause.   The soil/fungal explanation makes the most sense to me.

The weak ones die, the strong ones survive. I plant all my seeds in a community pot and the ones that remain are the strongest. Also applies to loquat seeds I plant.


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