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Kumquats seedlings dying

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I would put them in larger pots, then less issues. Looks like mold, drying out, or too much moisture, can't tell until you pull it out a seedling from those small starter pots.

All roots are probably rotten

David Kipps:
Simply the size of pot wouldn't be doing that by itself.  I suspect damping off type fungal infection starting at soil surface level.  Check for browning of stem color right at soil surface (or slightly below/above) occurring first before rest of plant.  I've lost many that way.

Now that I see the picture, I agree that it looks like root rot. Citrus nurseries use very fast draining soil.

Hi all.  Sorry to butt in on this one, as I don't have anything constructive to ADD to this conversation.    Pretty new to this hobby myself, still learning.

I would like to ask a question.   CALADRI, you listed a bunch of things that could possibly be causing the problem the OP is experiencing, and you listed "too much light" as potential cause.    Could you, or anyone, please clarify or define "too much light"?   I am using artificial light on my seedlings and have lost 2 of 24, which I wasn't stressing about, but I don't have my light on a timer and my "on" time varies from 14 to 18 hours a day.    Should I have a specific time range targeted?

  MARTWEB,  How old are your seedlings?  how do you water (soak?, daily? intermittently? allow to dry in between waterings? )  Are you also fertilizing with watering?    How many seedlings did you start with?
    wishing you luck with yours.  They seem to be slow growing, the "grocery store" lemon seeds I planted a month afterwards are twice, or a little more, than my Kumquat seedlings, so I have had to adjust my expectations a little.        Don't give up! 


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