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Here's a list of several online vendors for citrus in the USA (as of April 2014).  Many of the vendors are well known and top notch (a few are/were active members of the Citrus Growers Forum), the reliability of others may be questionable.  Please feel free to comment regarding your experiences with these (or other) vendors. 

If you are uncertain of the vendor, I would recommend contacting them first via email/phone to verify they have the tree you want in stock and that they can ship to your location. The Garden Watchdog ( is also a good place to check before ordering.  Please be aware, there are many Federal restrictions on interstate (and even intrastate) shipment of citrus, if you are in a state with a commercial citrus industry, many of these vendors will not be able to ship trees to you.

Here's the list, in no particular order:

Madison Citrus Nursery
Nursery (Location):  Website
Four Winds Growers (California):
Mckenzie Farms (South Carolina):
Harris Citrus (Florida, approved for out of state shipping):
Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery (Florida, approved for out of state shipping): 
TreeSource Citrus Nursery (California):
Star Nursery (Louisiana):
Nature Hills Nursery (trees from CA?):
Raintree Nursery (Washington):
Logee's Greenhouses (Connecticut):
Rolling River Nursery (California):
Woodlanders (South Carolina):
Edible Landscaping (Virginia):
BayFlora (California):
RSI Growers (Arizona):
Citrus Trees Online (Texas):
Clifton's Nursery (California):
LemonCitrusTree (Citrus Broker, trees from multiple states):  (also selling via
Larry's Orchids (Citrus Broker???, Michigan): (also selling via
Petals from the Past (Alabama):

Great list. I would have to add petalsfromthe has great stuff. Dr. Arlie Powell and his son own Petals. I think he has won and judged the citrus expo in past years. He was an extension agent in at least four states and has dedicated his life to educating people about all kinds of fruits, nuts and flowers as well as budding and grafting. My computer adds all the https://www. stuff itself. It's a great place. Tom

Scott thanks for the very extensive list, it took a lot of time and effort. Tom, when I was at Petals From The Past nursery, I seen the citrus that Dr. Powell was offering.  Does Dr. Powell ship interstate, or are his tree for local sale.? - Millet

Both local and he will ship too. He will not ship where prohibited. The last tree I bought was Xie Shan.  I bought it several weeks ago and I have not repotted because it is doing so well.Tom

I did not realize Petals from the Past shipped.  I've added them to the list.


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