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Costada Jabo, Criollo cacao, Sri gading chemp/jack etc

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Costada jaboticaba $1.75 per seed.

Fresh "criollo" cacao seeds $1.25 per seed.  Pulp from this particular tree has very exceptional sweet taste.  Hints of berry.

Sri gading jackfruit/Chempedak hybrid $1.75 per seed. This particular fruit was 8'ish pounds and had 150 pcs!

Bali salak $3.50 per seed

Rhodomyrtus tomentosa   $0.50

Garcinia acuminata $1.50

Araca boi $1 per seed

Campomanesia schlectendaliana $2 per seed

Eugenia itaguahiensis 1-4 seeds $5, 5-9 seeds $4ea, 10+ seeds $3

Abiu $1.75 per seed

Governor's plum.  This particular one is from a tree that is thornless.  Others are typically have thorns.  Produces heavy and fruits are are size of quarter.
1-4 seeds $1 per seed.  5-9 seeds, $.75 per seed.  10+ seeds. $.50 per seed.

Inga edulis $2 each, 1-4 seeds, $1.50 each, 5-9 seeds, 10+ seeds $1 each
Santol $2.50 per seed

Mangosteen, Rambutan Fiji Longan added

durian seeds added

more green matoa/fijian longan, red pingpong tropical longan, and a few more added.

peanut butter fruit and escalarte jaboticaba added.


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