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Hello folks!

For all rare fruit maniacs who want to try to grow Yangmei from seeds please be aware there is already one European seeds source for this species... me! ;D ;D ;D

The fruit season here in Portugal is just starting now so very fresh seeds are available.
Asking price of 1 €uros per seed.
Postage fees always depend on total weight and destination but usually 10 €uros is enough for most parcels.
Please contact by PM in case you need some.
Thanks again and best regards

Hello folks
Ever wondered if there are any Yangmei fruiting trees in Europe?
The answer is yes!... In Portugal there are already several fruiting trees, and they are in season now so very fresh seeds are available for trade.

Price of these seeds is 1 €uros each... minimum order is 20 seeds
Postage fees are 6 €uros by registered air mail with tracking number to follow.
Payment by PayPal.
Please PM for enquiries.
thanks in advance !

Hi again folks
I have now very fresh seeds of the woolly jelly palm (Butia eriospatha) that is reputedly the best Butia species for fruits production both in size and taste.
On the following photos you can see the fruit spathes densely covered in rust coloured woolly hairs that properly identify the species.
Attached are photos of the fruits too.
Price is 2 Euros each seed and postage fees are 6 Euros.
I am keen to offer free postage for orders of 15 seeds or more.
Please PM for orders. Thanks in advance

Hello folks
My Eugenia florida is in season now so very fresh seeds are available during next days/weeks.
This species has been discussed on this forum before... check this out please:

Seeds are 3 €uros each and postage fees are 6 €uros.
I offer free postage for orders of 10 seeds or more.
Please be aware that all international mail is subjected to longer transit times during this Covid pandemic period.
My compromise is to post all seeds packed on moist vermiculite medium so that seeds can deal with these extended mail transit times probably starting germination on the way.
Thanks again and stay safe

Hi again folks.
Here's some photos of my grumixama-mirim fruits. This species features on the book "Frutas no Brasil" by the name Eugenia longipedunculata, but Helton say Eugenia longipedunculata is an orange pitanga looking fruit and calls this species Eugenia blastantha.
On the book "Frutas no Brasil" the name Eugenia blastantha is referred as a sinonim for Eugenia longipedunculata.
Regardless the controversy on the correct ID what I can confirm is that these fruits are excellent in terms of taste... Can't get enough of these!...
This is one extremelly rare mirtacea and a must have on any rare fruit colection IMHO.
Previous years I used mostly these seeds to raise new seedlings but this year production was very good so I am offering here some fresh seeds for sale, but please hurry if you need some because seed stock is low.

Price is 10 €uros each seed and postage fees are 6 €uros... free postage for orders higher than 4 seeds
Payment by PayPal

Otehr that these seeds I stil have fresh seeds of the following species:
Eugenia calycina "Nelita"
Eugenia brasiliensis var. Erythrocarpa
Eugenia involucrata
Eugenia pitanga
These seeds can be sent sharing the same package with no extra fee charge

A word of warning regarding postage and mail transit times during this COVID times:
On previous years any parcel posted from Portugal reached almost anywhere in the world in 2 weeks or even less transit time.
But now during this COVID pandemic period all international mail seem to be very delayed due to lack of international flights and other factors that I can not control in any way.
The only thing I can garantee is that I provide a tracking-number for each package sent and I also garantee that my seeds are always sent packed on moist vermiculite medium so being prepared to deal with extended transit times probably starting germination on the way.

Thanks in advance to all friends interested on my seeds!
Best regards and stay safe

This species produces both seeded and seedless fruits. Seeded fruits are the bigger ones.

Hello again folks
I am offering fresh seeds of Eugenia brasiliensis var. Erythrocarpa.
This is a red/ purple grumixama that grow on a smaller tree that is more adapted for growing in pots and perfect for zone pushers like me. In fact I keep some trees in 20 liters pots since 2007 and still growing and producing well year after year.
Seeds are 2 Euros each and postage fees are 6 Euros.
Postage is by registered air mail as I use to do but please be aware that actual transit time is longer than pre-covid times.
Seeds are sent on moist vermiculite medium so there should be no issues with dealing with the longer transit times and probably seeds will start sprouting on the way.
I always have other fresh rare mirtaceas seeds available (like Nelita and others) that can share postage with no extra postage fees added. Please feel free to enquiry what else is available by pm.
Payment by PayPal.
Thanks in advance and keep safe

 Hi folks.
My jaboticaba Sabara-de-Cabinho is in season now and this year fruits are exceptionally big
Fresh seeds available for 2 Euros each. Postage fees are 6 Euros by registered mail with tracking number.
Payment method is PayPal
Please PM for more details.
Thanks in advance

Hello folks

After some years with no fruits due to a huge pruning, my Eugenia florida is back in business again.
My Eugenia florida was previously discussed here:

I also have some fresh seeds of Campomanesia xantocarpa var. Littoralis (Beach Guabiroba), Sweet-Uvaia, and some other mirtaceas... here are the list of species/seeds available and prices:

Eugenia florida = 5 €uros each seed
Sweet Uvaia = 5 €uros each seed
Campomanesia xantocarpa var. Littoralis = 3 €uros each seed
Eugenia selloi (Pitangatuba elongated fruits) = 3 €uros each seed
Eugenia calycina "Nelita" = 5 €uros each seed

Postage fees are 5 €uros worldwide by registered air mail
Thanks in advance

Hi Folks

I have now very fresh seeds of Dwarf-Pitanga a.k.a Cerrado Pitanga.
the species is Eugenia pitanga (not Eugenia uniflora) and I am growing several varieties of this dwarf species on my myrtaceae colection; the variety I am offering here produces dark red, almost round fruits, that are very sweet and tasty, much tastier than regular tree pitangas fruits. These are bushes, not trees, that can grow forever in pots and produce abundantly.
I have just 3 pots with this particular variety but I have such an abundance of fruits now that I am offering some seeds for sale here.
Also have very fresh seeds of Red Grumixama (Eugenia brasiliensis var. Erythrocarpa)
Prices are:
Eugenia brasiliensis var. Erytrhocarpa ... 4 €uros each seed
Eugenia pitanga (Dark red fruits variety)... 10 €uros each seed if you want just a few, or 5 €uros each seed if you buy more than 10 seeds
Postage fees worlswide by registered air mail with tracking-number... 5 €uros
Payment by PayPal
I also still have fresh seeds of Eugenia calycina "Nelita"... 5 €uros each
Please check photos... thanks in advance!

Hi folks

I have a very limited suply of this rare myrtaceae that is not yet fully identified.

More info about this species here:

I'm asking 5 €uros each seed.... postage fees are 5 €uros by registererd air mail with tracking number.
Payment by PayPal.
Please PM for orders
Thanks in advance

Hi folks
My Pitangatuba tree is producing hundreds of fruits this year... this weekend harvest was 68 fruits all at once.
My Pitangatuba is the "elongated fruit variety" that produces bigger and tastier fruits.

I am offering these fresh seeds for sale... asking 3 €uros each seed... postage fees are 5 €uros by registered air mail with tracking-number

here are some photos... interested please PM... thanks in advance

Hi friends

Have a few fresh seeds available of this rare tree-Pitanga endemic from south Brasil.
Due to his origin this species is suposed to be cold-hardy down to minus 10º Celsius, so making it the perfect Pitanga for those living on a 9a climate, like me ;D ;D ;D

I'm asking 5 €uros for each seed and numbers are very limited.
Postage fees are 5 €uros worldwide by registered air mail with tracking-number.
Orders by PM please

Here some pics of my fruits... my tree is planted on a 25 liter pot and produces decent size fruits that are very sweet and tasty

Hi folks
I have some 2 year old seedlings of Dwarf Pitanga (Eugenia pitanga) for sale.
I'm asking 20 €uros for each 2 year old seedling and I prefer to sell inside EU borders to prevent custom issues.

In case someone's interested in these seedlings please hurry as I do not have many... thanks in advance

For the rest of the world I can offer seeds but quantities are very limited as I am using most of my fresh seeds to raise new seedlings that I intend to offer here again in 2 years time.

For those that are not familiar with this species let me just say that these fruits are much sweeter and tastier than normal tree-pitangas (Eugenia uniflora), and I never found any of these fruits with that strange resinous aftertaste that some tree-pitangas have.

IMHO this is the perfect pitanga to grow in pots and it produces big and tasty fruits over a long fruiting season.
As you can see in some of the followings pics this one can have ripe fruits, green fruits, and flowers at the same time.
Here's some photos of my fruits

For the myrtaceae collectors please be aware that there are diferents varieties of Dwarf Pitangas, and I have at least 4 diferent varieties on my colection ( Black fruits + Red Ribbed Fruits + Round red Fruits + Red Anthers fruits)

Those interested please contact by PM. Thanks in advance

Hi folks

Fresh seeds of "Regina" are available... 2 €uros each seed
Postage fees are 5 €uros by registered mail with tracking-number.
Please PM if interested... Thanks in advance

Plase check this out for more info:

Hi folks

I think it was our mate Luc that sometime ago said that Pitangas are greatly underrated amongst Myrtaceae collectors, just because they are relatively common, and some strains have an odd resinous aftertaste.
IMHO this is a big injustice that needs to be urgently corrected!...
In fact, after years collecting and growing myrtaceae species I’m realizing that Pitangas rank very high on the best fruits list.
For me nothing beats the flavor of a very good Pitanga, and even its looks are appetizing!...
Have you ever looked closely to a perfect Pitanga fruit?... just look at it again and think!... I’ve always heard that women who have those cute little dimples on both cheeks are amongst the prettiest of them all, so why not think the same about fruits!...
Well, for me the Pitanga fruits are the “girls with dimples on their cheeks” on the group that include Grumichamas, Calycinas, Cherries of Rio Grande, Jaboticabas, Uvaias, etc…
But let me present to you folks the best cultivar of Pitanga (Eugenia uniflora cv.) on my personal colection: the name that I chose for this cultivar is "Regina"

"Regina" is a dark/purple fruit variety, that consistently produces huge crops, with the curious fact that it produces a lot of seedless fruits.
In fact, I have the idea that this variety produces fruits in most of the flowers, and just that on it's own is an achievement because me too I've grown a lot of Pitanga trees that flower profusely but do never gave me fruits or produce very low crops.
But let me tell you about another interesting observation I made regarding this cultivar:
During the years that I had my GH open, and so the fruits were accessible to the birds, I've realized that birds seemed to prefer the smaller seedless fruits, leaving behind the bigger fruits (with seeds) for me... maybe those smaller fruits were just perfect "bite size" for the birds, but really who cares!... a tree that can fool birds is just fantastic!

Hi folks

Rare jaboticaba that produces sweet/tasty fruits of a very good size and with a litle stalk ( "Cabinho" in portuguese)
Fresh seeds available now... 2 €uros each seed
Postage fees are 5 € by registered mail with tracking number
Order by PM please
Thanks in advance

Hi folks

"Nelita" 2020 fruit season is about to start so I am accepting pre-orders now.
Price is 4 €uros each seed.
Postage fees are 6 € for registered mail with tracking-number.
Payment by PayPal
Please PM for orders
Thanks in advance

Hi Folks

I'm happy to announce that I am now the prod owner of one rare Butia capitata var. pulposa.
This is a rare variety of Pindo Palm that produces extra-large size fruits.
I have fresh seeds available now ( 3 €uros each seed + 5 €uros por postage fees )

You can find more info about this palm here:

and you can see photos of my fruits o my FB page... thanks in advance

Hi folks!

Here it's Autumn now so that means Psidium spp. fruiting season... here are the list of seeds available from my personal collection:

Psidium longipetiolatum
Psidium australe
Psidium striatulum
Psidium firmum
Psidium guineense (Yellow interior and Orange interior)
Psidium cattleianum (personal selection with big red fruit)
Psidium cattleianum ( Pear shaped fruits)
Psidium sp, (Mexican cream guava)

Price is the same for all species:
25 €uros for a package with minimum 12 seeds or 2,5 €uros per seed if you want less then a dozen.

You can see photos of all the species on my FB page... thanks

Hi folks

I have some very fresh seeds of "Sweet Uvaia" available now... I also have a few one year old seedlings (born from last year seeds).
This is the very rare "Sweet Uvaia" that you can find described here (the right top corner photo):

Seeds are 10 €uros each and seedlings are 20 €uros/each, but I can only sell seedlings inside Europe
Postage fees are 5 €uros.

I have many photos of my fruits but for some reason I can't upload pictures on this Forum now... if someone wants photos please ask and I can send latter by email... thanks

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Jaboticaba "Sabará-de-Cabinho"
« on: May 25, 2017, 10:11:02 AM »
Hello Folks

I have one jaboticaba on my colection thant I've always called "Sabará" based only on the aspect of the leaves that I found to be similar to other Sabarás I know from friends.
But since my tree started fruiting it revealed that the fruits on my tree all have one long stalk attached to the fruits (stalk translates to "cabinho" in Portuguese).
Recently some Brasilian experts that saw photos of my fruits said that there is indeed one special variety of Jaboticaba that naturally occurs in regions where growing areas of Jaboticaba Sabará (Plinia jaboticaba) and Jaboticaba-de-Cabinho (Plinia truncifolia) overlap, and that this special variety received the name "Sabará-de-Cabinho"... and somehow I ended up having one on my colection that is fruiting now... see the photos please.

Hello friends
Fresh seeds are available now for sale or trade.
Lesser fruits than previous years so limited supply of seeds, but on the other hand 2017 fruits are much bigger than usual.
see this please:

If you're interested please contact by PM
Thanks in advance

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Eugenia calycina 'Nelita'
« on: May 18, 2017, 05:16:55 PM »
Dear friends
Yesterday, 17th of May, was my wife’s birthday, and I gave her one very special "Fruity" gift…
I’ve decided to identify my world-famous cultivar of Eugenia calycina with big and tasty fruits after her name.
As discoverer and worldwide introducer of this great cultivar to the "fruit fanatics" world I believe I'm entitled to do so.
My wife’s name is Manuela but amongts friends and family we often use the nickname “Nelita” … and that’s the fancy name I’ve chosen for this cultivar.
So, my dear friends, from now on, please refer to this variety as Eugenia calycina 'Nelita'

Happy birthday "Nelita"

I feel that even the plant agrees with this name because it ripened the first fruit of the season right on time for Nelita's birthday... and I also think this was the biggest fruit I've ever had on this tree... here it is on Nelita's hand.

Hello friends

I'm compiling my farm fruit adventures on one Facebook page.
Check this out please:

Hope you all like it.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Rare Psidium sp. seeds available
« on: December 28, 2016, 03:55:53 PM »
Hi folks

Happy holidays season and Happy New Year!

Finnaly managed to take some days off work to collect some rare seeds from my Psidium colection.
I have now very fresh seeds of several Psidum species that may be of interest for some of you. All seeds from 2016 fruits.
Some seeds more available than others so please hurry if you're interested in some.

This is what I have available now:

Psidium longipetiolatum
Psidium australe
Psidium striatulum
Psidium firmum
Psidium myrtoides (tasty variety)
Psidium guineense
Psidium catleyanum (rare variety with huge yellow pear shapped fruits)... see the photo

Some extra info on each species on the following links:

Psidium longipetiolatum:

Psidium australe :

Psidium striatulum :

Psidium firmum :

Psidium myrtoides (tasty variety):

Please PM or Email if interested.
Always open for trades in case you have something of interest for me;... mostly I'm interested in rare Myrtaceas to add to my collection.
Thanks in advance to all and enjoy 2017

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