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Jaboticaba 45 ACT giveaway conclusion

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Hey forum,
If you don't remember the GGG from last April, well fear no more.
I just took the ACT friday and decided to do a large giveaway. I don't know my score yet, so I thought could be cool to do a guess my score, win cool prizes.

Here's how to participate.
1. guess each score for each section (english, math, reading, science)
2. Each score goes on a scale from 1-36. 1 being the lowest, 36 being the highest
3. The winners will be announced once I get my score back

So here's how the prize giveaway works. It's free. If you win, you pay me nothing
there will be 3 people who win.
1st place to the person who guesses the closest
2nd place
3rd place
To see who won, I'll see which scores were the closest by subracting the guessed score to the actual score using absolute value. Whoever has the least number wins.
Here's what I am giving away
Each winner can take one plant

Dona gal jaboticaba
Annona salizmanii
Eugenia pyriformis var. gigante
Eugenia multicostata octocostata
grafted scarlet scion from fruiting tree :-*
and if you guess my score score for score, I'll give you a plinia rara plant! Yep, I got my hands on 1 extra I can give away.

Here's an example
you guess:
English 26
Math 30
Reading 24
Science 21

The actual score was *
26 English
28 Math
22 Reading
18 Science
So you were 7 points off my total score

If two people are tied in points I'll do a spinner to determine who wins on the band app.
Maybe I'll even livestream this on the band app
Shoutout to GiantGecko for the idea of using band!

Whoever is the least off my total score will win. If you guessed 26 English, 30 Math, Reading 24, and Science 18 and that was my exact score for the test, That's when you win the plinia rara. To win that, you must guess each score correctly.

Here's a hint:
I'm above the 75 percentile last test I took (April 2022). If you do digging, the GGG should have more info ;D  on last test I did (my last test score, hint, hint). But you gotta find that thread, not me.

*not my actual score lol

I hope this is something fun everyone can enjoy. You have around 2 weeks to post your guess. Once I get my score, no more guessing. This is a low risk high reward situation for everyone so I hope you have fun!

I'm assuming you were simular to me in that you made some improvements the second go around.

English: 29
Math: 32
Science: 25

I believe in you Jabo get that scholarship money

English 33
Math 32
Reading 33
Science 32

Jabba The Hutt:
English: 29
Math: 29
Science: 25

English 33
Math 33
Reading 33
Science 33


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