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Anderson Tropicals Plant Auctions and Rare Seeds (Updated January 20th 2023)

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Auctions end 10:00 PM EST Sunday, January 22-th, 2023

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Plinia sp. "Phoema" Jaboticaba

Plinia sp. "minuscula" Jaboticaba

Plinia cauliflora "Acu Paulista of Otto Anderson" Jaboticaba

Araca-boi (Eugenia stipitata)

Plinia sp. "Cabinho verde"

Araca-boi (Eugenia stipitata)

Plinia grandifolia Jaboticaba

Cambium (Myrciaria cuspidata)

Shawi (Plinia inflata)
Eugenia sp. "CDQ"

Plinia cauliflora "Polpa Rósea" Pinkish Pulp Jaboticaba

Eugenia tenuipedunculata "Laranja"

Eugenia involucrata "amarela"

Sweet Uvaia (Eugenia pyriformis)

Plinia nana Jaboticaba

Plinia sp. "Campo Ramon" Jaboticaba

GRAFTED Plinia spp. "Rajada Grande" Jaboticaba

INGÁBAÚ (Eugenia beaurepaireana)

Eugenia copacabanensis

Macarandiba (Pouteria procera)

Plinia nana "tigrada" Jaboticaba

Eugenia repanda

Plinia sp. "INTA Misiones" Jaboticaba

Pitomba (Eugenia luschnathiana)

Perinha (Eugenia sellowiana)

Thank you for the support! Good luck and happy bidding!

Click Here For Seeds Availability

New auctions are live. Check out our seeds!

Thank you for your support. Good luck and happy bidding!!!

Auctions are live and new seeds!!!!

Hi all!

We are back, so sorry for being away but we needed a long-awaited vacation.

Huge list on eBay this week and tons of new seeds coming every day!

Good luck, Happy Bidding, and THANK YOU for the support!

Shovel n Seed:
Do you have any more of the Eugenia Burkartiana seeds listed above? Great selection this week!


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