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One of my garlic bulbs sprouted and my GF encouraged me to plant the 8 sprouted cloves saying home grown garlic is GR8!

So now that I have a little garlic farm going, is anyone else growing garlic?

I'm going on my second year of growing garlic. Everyone whose gotten some says its the best garlic they've had.  I buy my bulbs from Filaree garlic farm and usually get a variety pack.  Definitely worth growing every year as it seems to be about ready to harvest right when summer veggies are ready to be planted. 

John Smith:
Gary - my wife has planted two 15 foot rows of "grocery store" garlic cloves
for the past 4 years with good results.  She has not had good success
with the Elephant Garlic for some reason. (it may be a PH issue with the soil)
I finally replaced my 40 year old (and seldom used) PH meter for a higher quality
one and we will be paying more attention to soil quality now that we are in a new
location.  Our old place in Winter Garden had pretty rich sandy soil that
grew just about everything well.
so yes, your garlic should do very well if the PH is between 6.0 and 7.5 with good drainage.

Johnny in Kissimmee



Well, I have a dozen or so in a long window box type planter for now so I can move them about to see if they respond better to one location over another. They're doing GR8!

No I'm not but I think I will soon I whenever I get those kind of veg they tend to start sprouting so easy to grow heard they are good for the heart will try to swallow a clove everyday like a pill (small pieces first) but on an empty stomach


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