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Best fake spinach for FL summer

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Which perennial greens are the best tasting? For example Malabar spinach, sisso spinach, etc (there are many). Thank you for your help!

Katuk - has a nut/peanut taste
Toona Sinensis - supposedly has a umami flavor that tastes like beef & onions (I bought a few small seedlings.  Haven't tried them,, yet)
Okinawan spinach
Longevity spinach
New Zealand spinach

For cooked spinach, taro leaves are hard to beat, but they can't be eaten raw. Sweetpotato greens are also good.

i second sweet potato greens. they grow really well in hot humid FL.

my two favorites are sissoo and okinawa spinach. sissoo is a bit more work processing because you dont use the stems, however okinawa spinach if you just use the fresh growth tips the shoots are quite pleasant. and taro leaves are incredible, but finding favorable leaf varieties can be difficult and non ideal cultivars can take hours to cook out the itch. check out my blog for other options as well!



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