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Hilo Buddha sugarcane - 1 gal

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I have been growing and propagating Hilo Buddha sugarcane for several years now.  It is a beautiful variegated (striped) varietal with barrel-shaped nodes that originates from Papua New Guinea, but is now grown mostly in Hawaii.  It is considered an heirloom varietal to the best of my knowledge, though that term seems a bit subjective as far as sugarcane goes.  I've only ever seen rooted Hilo Buddha for sale on one website (sweetcanes.com); their sales window is usually very brief each year, and I haven't seen it in stock for quite some time.  I occasionally see cuttings available elsewhere, but never in stock.

I currently have 18 rooted 1 gal pots available for sale or trade, valued at $25 each.  The pots are about 2/3 filled with well-draining soil, and about a 1/2 inch of rice hulls in the bottom.  They all have multiple sprouts; each pot contains a 3-node section. Photo shows mature canes.  I can send pics of my pots if interested, and you can pick which one(s) you want; I'll snap a photo when inquiries are received.  I prefer to apply neem before shipping because they are currently growing outdoors.


It would be a lot cheaper to just send a couple cuttings.

Pm sent

Do you think these would ship ok in the 30 degree weather? I'm interested if yes. Otherwise I have to wait till it warms up again.

Shovel n Seed:
What does shipping cost for 1?


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