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Hi folks. I live in Sonoma County, California. I own 2 acres on a hillside where we have gotten as low as 27F in the past four years. I mostly grow figs but am hoping to establish productive white sapote trees here, as well as cherimoya (though that seems like a longer shot). I am also working on some avocado trees. They're doing okay. I would love to eat lucuma, too. So many tropical dreams! I hope to learn a lot here -- enough to get me past the challenges associated with the winter frost we experience here. I have no chance of growing mangoes or durian, so I will mostly be listening for info on the fruits above.


Hello friends, my name is Marika. I am very, very fond of Citrus (my username is chosen for Yuukou, Citrus yuko), but recently, some other fruit species have piqued my interest as well. I hope that my amateurish questions shall not be too unwelcome, I have little experience beyond Citrus.
Thank you very much!

Hello my name is Richard and my wife Nancy an I live in Cocoa FL.  We purchased our 1+ acre country home and have begun planting mostly mango and Avocado trees 62 of those two trees so far after being here 1 year.  I joined this forum to learn and share knowledge.  We're hopind to learn many things from this forum!  I look forward to learning and expanding our knowledge and orchard and developing new friends.

Rich and Nancy

I live in San Diego, grew up in an older neighborhood with a moderate size yard on the edge of a canyon. That I think that helped spur my interest in plants and nature. I have grown fruit and plants before, I have a decent collection of cycads, but I am just starting to get into rare fruits and rare fruit trees.

This form has helped my a lot in learning about fruits, places to purchase, and the best varieties. Based on forms, I'm still working on trying to secure a Sweet Tart Mango from a local source; otherwise, I will purchase a 1 gallon from Florida, hope it doesn't flower to death, and grow it up. Additionally, I just purchased about a 1/2 dozen Eugenia's based on discussions about the best tasting Eugenia's. Since space is somewhat limited, I'm trying to find vining plants and dwarf varieties. So far I have been fairly successful, especially on the vining plants, I found a lot more than passion fruit, dragon fruit, and grapes.

Hello everyone....
my name is doni .
just wanna say 'hey' to my old friends ...
i was selling some seeds and scions (last time on 2017)


#please send me a msg if you know me, just miss u guys


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