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Church in Germany growing the plants of the Bible outdoors

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All the fruit:
a couple years ago i stumbled by accident upon the small village of St Martin in Germany. Their priest had the daring idea to plant all the plants mentioned in the Bible around the church. In Germany!
They were more successful than i would ever dream managing to grow olives, pistaccio trees, carob snd many more without any protection exept the mild microclimate. Check that out:

Interesting I wonder If they just grew thousands , and found the ones that lived ,
or if they protected them for a some years so they could handle the cold.

I'm in -20 F USDA zone 5 b

Will have to watch next time I eat dinner
will look up some articals on it in a few days if your interested
(Im a caregiver so I can do that in my spare time I've seen your posts
right now as a matter of fact I'm trying to forge wild pawpaw for this week(asimina triloba not payapa)

so I can graft seleted wild types onto my tree's (or persimmon ) have fun forging.)

Here in Fátima (Portugal) too. There are a big garden with the plants and trees of Bible.

All the fruit:
Basically if they took plants from the mountains of Lebanon or Palestine they should be quite frost hardy.
I found a place that grows Mediterranean scrub / trees in zone 7a on a frosty mountaintop:

And here is somebody growing pawpaw in Canada, maybe he can help. Search in the comments:

All the fruit:
And im not sure normal persimmon (D. kaki) will grow in 5b but D. lotus does well enough in 7a so it might be worth trying.


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