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Mango Flower Beetle

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Keeping my eye on the ol' mango tree and the past few days I have seen several fingernail sized black beetles walking over the newly formed flowers.  A quick search online and I discovered something called the Asian Mango Flower Beetle.  It looks just like the pest on my tree, (sorry, but I don't have a photo yet).
Anyway, is anyone familiar with this bug?  Is he a poillinator or a terminator?  Tears of joy at his arrival or tears of grief?

Looks like they are pests:

They eat flowers and fruits.

Just nailed 5 of these buggers this morning!  >:(

pj1881 (Patrick):
Wonderful! I have them all over my blooms right now!!

Whoa!  Just went outside to take another look and found about 20 more of these guys working over the flowers!  Am I the only one drawing the attention of these critters?  I haven't read much about them here previously.  For now I am hitting them with an organice insecticidal soap, but if these numbers persist I may need to be more proactive.  On the other hand, with the tree in bloom I fear spraying anything now and damaging the blooms.


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