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Bagging Guava in Florida

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Last year my pink guava fruited for the first time, and by the time the fruit matured it was all riddled with maggots. I assume the maggots were Caribbean fruit fly larvae. Can anyone speak to protecting young fruit with organza bags? I've seen mixed opinions on if this works or not, and mixed opinions about exactly how soon the fruit needs to be bagged.

Hello, I bag my peaches and other fruit with very good results. 

This is the product that works best for bagging.

Jabba The Hutt:
If you like wormy guava don't bag them. If you prefer no worms I'd bag them the second fruit sets. The larvae is fruit fly.

fruit nerd:
 I'm not in florida but I haven't bagged my guava and have had no issues with fruit fly or any other pests for that matter. Maybe I've just been lucky so far. I well definitely looking to buying some fruit protection bags since I lose a lot of fruit (abiu in particular) to flying foxes.

I use the 6x9 inch organza drawstring bags and put them on when fruit is about 1/4 size. I tried to put on bag earlier and it caused fruit to drop. This size works for single fruit if I bag two fruit together it has been too tight and could not remove bag easily. The bags can be washed in machine on delicate and air dried to reuse. I think the fly lays eggs very late in ripening.


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