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GuavaKing on ebay - Scam?

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Hello everyone,

Would really like an updated discussion on this and hopefully take some collective action. I came across several old posts on the forum indicating that this guy is a scammer ( and However some of the new ones seem happy with the fruits they got from this guy:

GuavaKing seems to be still operating with near perfect reviews on ebay and his site:

So what is the latest verdict on this guy? Is he a scammer or perhaps did scam in the past and has real indian/pakistani mangoes now? Why are his ratings still so high? What can we do if we got scammed?

I bought an airlayered tree from his etsy shop this year. Tree is smaller than on the picture, needed some careful care for a while, very expensive for that kind of value, but not a scam..

In the past, I almost bought some guava from him.  I decided not to because I did not want to deal with USDA issue.

We should give credit to those who try to distribute tropical fruit trees. If you has issue with his item, try to resolve with him first before declare it as a scam.  That is just my 1 cent.

I bought a few of his guava trees before reading the posts on the forum questioning the authenticity of the cultivars.  Not sure yet if they are true, only had a few fruit last year, but the ones I tasted were promising for first fruits, with one being very good.  Also, the guavas are different from each other with different leaf shapes, coloring, and growth habit, so I feel confident that at least there is a variety that I will be able to choose the best from.  All the trees I got from him are growing well and are vigorous.


Most reviews on ebay would be buyers who received a decent looking tree
in a timely manner. When the tree grows up and fruits 2-4 years later and
you see the fruit then it's too late to write a poor review. I think reputation
is everything but some people don't have any integrity and making a sale is
more important. I read some of the complaints about Guava King and some of
the poeple who said it I respect. I wouldn't buy anything from that seller
based on what's been said especially something rare.
Is it airlayered or is it a seedling how can you tell?


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