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Juicing or pressing red hog plums in 9B

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The prevailing wisdom is that growing hogplums and 9B is not viable. In backyard setting it is being done. After this Frost freeze season it is even more impressive. Friday I was asked by a valued friend to pick his crop because he's out of town and is delayed several days at the airport. This was an air layered Governor's red plum. It was obtained in the homestead area many years ago. Anywho there's such a large Surplus I'm thinking of cutting and squeezing the seed out then pressing or juicing. I will also try taking the seed out and throwing them in a blender but not sure how much the peel or skin will detract from the juice. There's always the option of throwing them in a blender seeds and all then running it through a colander strainer then screener

Can anyone identify this fruit being grown in the ground in 9B

The fruit you are showing is Spondias mombin. No need to air layer just bury a large diameter branch over 1 inch diameter and up to 4 inch diameter. They make a good wine. I just poured boiling water over them and let cool then added the winemaking stuff.

Thanks Pine Islander for the advice.
It took 15 whole bronze to make half a glass and the relatively short period of time. So when I get the Press tomorrow I'm going to count out a couple hundred hog plums and cut and squeeze the seed out. Leaving the skin and what pulp is in the skin in the Press. Fish out the seeds and putting them in a pot of  water to be boiled. Will boil the water down to a good consistency then add with the concentrate from the press to increase the volume of juice. The Lucians say the juice is excellent without sugar or water. My goal is to find an expedient deficient process to freeze juice for the winter. This tree produces massive volume that are going to waste. My friend very much likes Pine Islanders idea of making hog plum wine.

When it cools off I will go pick these Barbados cherries but Barbados cherry Guava  Hog Plum juice sounds like a good combination with a touch of lime or lemon. My West Indians will know what to do

210 Hog plums cold pressed to make 2 L of pure juice

Experiment 1 is simmering the seeds with three cups of water.
Experiment 2 is simmering seeds plus the skins with 4 cups of water.

Then we'll let it cool off pour it through a strainer. If both are acceptable add to the juice

It's been through a colander when it cools off more will go through a strainer

Final verdict the West Indians decided that the cold press does not need sugar.The seed and the seed peel that were simmered in water tasted different than the cold press and needed sugar. The heating changed the chemistry. So it should be treated as two different Juice drinks.

They felt that the peel added to the flavor and combined the seed juice with the seed peel juice. The cold-pressed is on the left


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