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What to plant north of my house?


I'm thinking about what to plant immediately to the north of my house - just a few feet from the wall. Technically, it's not due north, but a bit northwest, so I get a very small amount of afternoon sun even in December. I was going to plant ginger there, but have been thinking about some other ideas. One thought I had was to plant some tropical persimmon seeds and see what happens. I figure it won't have leaves when that area gets a very small amount of sunlight. Plus they don't grow that big. What do you think? What other plants can I try? Something that doesn't grow too big and will play nice with my foundation.

Tumeric, taro, malaga, belembe & pineapple. Persimmon will probably fruit very little in shade.

Was thinking the same re persimmon; ours doesn't do much and it gets a bit of sun. Obvious by how, where, and when it vegetates that it is not receiving enough light.

I would look at lemon drop garcinia, some jabos, loquat, and maybe carambola. Cacao might do well, a long as it doesn't get too cold or windy. There are some eugenias that can do well with low light.

Turmeric is a much better and nicer looking (foliage) planting than ginger/ Swing by Mi Campo Farmerís Market (Tamarac) at $4 a pound. Plant in at least one pound plantings. 1/2 pound was, worked out, not that good. I would do a 2lb planting these days. My turmeric foliage is lovely. Images upon request.


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