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Cutting quarantine??


Eric Estrada:
Hi gardening peeps, Iím hoping to sell pomegranate cuttings on the sales section of the forum. Iím in California. Will I have any issues sending to certain states? Any info helps as itíll be my first time selling. Thanks  8)

The only one that I believe has quarantine restrictions is Arizona but I believe that is just related to plants with soil? You're just sending "sticks", could be anything.

To do it strictly by the book you would need to get a phyto sanitary certificate. You can probably find out more from the California Department of Agriculture.

You likely won't have any issues on the California end although if you did it at large enough quantity you'd want a nursery permit and the permits to ship to states that have ag restrictions. (Snail master permit, Sudden Oak Death, etc.) but not really necessary if you are doing small amounts.  I had a package get abducted by the USDA in Missouri even though I had permits, no idea what happened there. Super weird. Otherwise it's pretty easy shipping plants around with no permits.


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