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Mexican Sunflower cuttings


Mexican Sunflower cuttings for sale or trade. Super easy to propagate via cuttings.  Grows very fast and puts on huge amounts of biomass in a season. Nutrient accumulator and high in nitrogen.  Supposedly worth its weight in chicken manure. Famous for its use as a permaculture chop and drop fertilizer support species. Also has large yellow sunflower like blooms that attract many pollinators. $1.50 per cutting with a minimum order of 5 cuttings at $7.50. Plus applicable shipping or agreed trade.

Im mainly looking to trade for zone 8 hardy species that are edible/medicinal or fruit bearing plants.  I'm into exotic stuff as much as conventional stuff. Rare medicinal herbs to perennial veggies and fruits etc. Make offers.

Cuttings available now but must be ordered quickly if you're interested. Hard freeze coming this Tuesday. New price of $2 per cutting with same minimum order of 5 cuttings at $10 plus applicable shipping costs.


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