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Here's a new one. I saw these all over up in northern california. Gaultheria Shallon. Wasn't able to ID it until I got home. Fruit taste was not bad, not good. Texture and size was nice. Better than Hawthorne. After sitting in a bag for a week it smells like tobaco. Attempting to germinate. Would also like to get my hands on G. Humifusa.


Interesting, seems the fruit are white. Usually from what iv seen white fruit dont often rate high in taste (except maybe white mulberry which I like)
PFaf rates it pretty high and you neutral all these fruits are pretty variable I suppose.

I managed to get saskatoon berry seeds! Im hoping they germinate:)


--- Quote from: canhthongxanhtq on August 31, 2015, 03:51:29 AM ---Nice. Makes me want to look more closely at Amelanchier and Hawthorns.
(quả c ch Mỹ, gi quả c ch)

--- End quote ---
Iv seen some people rate saskatoon berry almost as highly as blue berry and talk of an almond taste. I have seeds stratifying at the moment and have high hopes for it!
Some of the hawthorns look very promising problem is finding seeds:(

Nice plan ;)


I recommend Switching to the Old database New one you have to click to much
(so they can fit more adds ) actually makes me use it less ,
 so the ad revenue they'd make off me using the site is less

I used to use the site for Hours , not barely ,
not That I see they have the option to switch to the old site I will be using more.

My point is that Now you see 30 plants per page
Used to see 100 plants per page (now you can switch to the Old data base)

Take this for example On the old site I cured my itchy throat in less than 1 Minute.
Looked up the word for it,  scrolled down
Well I do not know half those plants,
but I do know peanut

Looked it up , and peanut butter coats your throat
cured in under a Minute or 2 (really no longer really quick.)

Now I have to keep clicking on a short list of plants at least on the New database which I quit using as much
at least for a quick cure for something.
So the old one being back is great.


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