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Looking for DAMIANA (Turnera Diffusa)

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Hey I've been searching and searching for a live true Damiana plant through the internet jungles and no avail. Just the knock off version of it. It's almost like someone doesn't want the plant for the masses. Pharmaceutical companies using the compounds in their junk? No clue but I need some help please. If anyone out there has access to a rooted cutting or seedlings please hit me up. Thank you!

Try the sharetheseeds.me forum. It is native out west and I figure someone out there could find it if they haven't already. I have wanted this plant along time too. Such a pleasant tea and has great light euphoric effects.

Ha! Good luck! This is my white whale. It's funny, the plant is somewhat native to the area we live in, but I've never been able to find the plant or seeds. As you probably know, all the Damiana you see online, with the expectation of dry herbs, is Turnera ulmifolia, which is not Damiana. I foolishly bought cheap seeds on ebay years ago. They never sprouted and I later found out they weren't T.diffusa anyways. Even bought some recently ($30 for 10 seeds ebay) and asked the seller if he could guarantee they were authentic. He gave me a very vague answer by saying the price reflected their authenticity. I was suspicious, but still ordered. The seeds came in an unprotected letter envelope, smashed and were not T.diffusa. Was treated rudely by the seller too. They're still on there selling seeds. :(

Anyways, the plant is considered sacred (and profitable) in Mexico. Maybe has something to do with the lack of seeds? If cartels are involved with avocados, they're most definitely involved with Damiana. Pretty sure Mexico is the only place exporting the dried herbs. Also, the herbs are easily available and reasonably affordable, so I guess there's not much demand for seeds to grow your own. I do have some good news, I recently found a source that has the plant and is attempting to root some cuttings for me. I'll let you know how it goes.

Ive never seen any seeds on my damiana plants. Lot of flowers but no any seed. T. ulmifolia is totally different - lot of flowers, lot of seeds but it is not true damiana- smell is not pleasant. Only reliable way to propagate damiana are cuttings which may be tricky to root.

Wow, you have actual turnera diffusa? Do you mind posting a photo of it?


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