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Available plants so far this season

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Here's a list of available species I have now for sale or trade. If trade looking for zone 8 hardy species mostly but open to offers.

Brazilian spinach plants/cuttings
Longevity spinach cuttings
Okinawa spinach cuttings
Jewels of opar seeds/cuttings/plants
Phalaris arundinacea var Big Medicine
Lemon balm plants
Orange mint plants
Peppermint plants
St. Johns mint plants
Spearmint plants
Malabar spinach plants green or red
Hot asian peppers(don't know variety but very hot) plants
Everglades tomato seeds
Seminole pumpkin seeds
Arugula seeds
Papalo seeds
Nebuka evergreen onion seeds
Allium canadense bulbs
Katuk plants
African potato mint plants
African blue basil plants/cuttings
True arrowroot tubers

Will update if I think of or make more plants. Inquiries via pm. All plants 4" potted.

Thanks! DG

I love pumpkins, ultimate superfood. Never tried the Seminoles. Pm sent.

What a great selection. Tough choices.

 Never got a pm from you??? Maybe try again.

Seminole pumpkin is much like a butternut squash but rounded and a bit sweeter albeit less flesh to them overall.  Might be worth trying to hybridize them with butternut and select for sweetness and higher flesh ratios. On their own Seminole pumpkin is super hardy compared to the conventional varieties.  Very little mildew issues. Roots vigorously as it runs. Highly productive if happy. Squash borers dont mess with them as badly either. Edibility is good too.

Hey DG,
Wanted to try growing these Seminole Pumkins in Puerto Rico. Keep seeing them is a Sancocho. A typical stew.
You think they grow good in subtropical climate?
Not much a plant guy, more fruits.
Can get you moringa, Uvaria rufa, mountain soursop, tamarind(sour type), curcumin, you give me idea....
If not just need about 10 seeds and Iíll pay you.
Let me know, this message system is bugging.


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