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Available plants so far this season

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I'm not totally sure how long the seeds are viable. I usually propagate via cuttings. The seeds do sprout though but take months to sprout.

Add Magenta leaf plant to the list of available species. Also native violet, false cardamom, and Cuban oregano.

Got lots of perennial veggies right now and herbs too.

African Blue Perennial Basil
Vana holy Basil
African potato mint
Brazilian Sisso spinach
Malabar spinach
Jewels of opar
Chaya cuttings
Fish mint vine
6 different mints
Mugwort variegated
Hoja Santa
Garlic Chives
Society garlic
Iitoi onions
Allium canadense bulbs
Plus more! Most in 4" pots unless stated otherwise.


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