Author Topic: Sale: seeds of Protium Ovatum and Yopo Anadenanthera Peregrina  (Read 107 times)


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For sale seeds of Protium Ovatum, common name: Currucay
echy seed 2.5$, Discount per quantities

Shipping worldwide by DHL, The buyer pay shipping cost

The protium Ovatum is the precious aroma of Amazonia, is a tree native to the Amazon that can grow 20 to 30 metres tall. It naturally produces a very fragrant resin which solidifies in its trunk named locally Breu Branco. This resin looks like a white rock and has been used as a natural incense, to keep away unwanted insects, medicinal uses and for purifythe tap water.
The pulp is edible, sweet and fragant, woody and spicy notes

For sale seeds of Yopo (Anadenanthera Peregrina)
each seed 0,5$

Have been used as hallucinogens for the natives of America, it is snuff for spiritual healing


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