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Cuttings available tropical veggies


I have available the following:

African potato mint
Chaya (2 leaf forms)
Brazilian Sisso spinach
Rice paddy herb
Magenta leaf plant
Leaf of life leaf cuttings
Psychotria nexus leaf cuttings
Psychotria DW02 hybrid leaf cuttings
Banisteriopsis caapi cuttings
Sweet potato (few different varieties)
Dragon fruit (various cultivars but unfortunately lost track of which is which so it'll be a mystery variety cutting)
Cranberry hibiscus
Mexican sunflower
FO-TI vine
Prickly pear cactus pads(good edible pad variety from Puerto Rico)

Some of these plants may be available as a rooted potted plants as well. Inquire via PM. All cuttings $1 each except for psychotria nexus and DW02 leaves($5 ea), Banisteriopsis caapi cuttings($2.50 ea), dragon fruit cuttings($5 ea), and Prickly pear pads($3 ea). Price of item plus applicable shipping.

Thanks! DG

Vegan Potato Man:
Aloha! I sent a pm but I'm not sure if it went through. Please email me at drew5147@yahoo.com. Interested in potato mint and others, thanks!

PM sent.

Cuttings received in great condition. Many had sprouted on the long trip. Thank you very much, D-Grower.


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