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insect on citrus


Anyone know what this is.  I found it this morning on my New Zealand Lemonade tree.

Vegan Potato Man:

--- Quote from: Millet on September 26, 2022, 11:34:07 AM ---Looks like a Lacewing.  Lacewing's are beneficial as they eat quite a few of he bad bugs such as aphids, mealy bugs, thrip ect.

--- End quote ---

Lacewing have much more pronounced heads and wings. This looks like some kind of leafhopper sucking insect to me.

I only have 1 so I will let it eat other or suck sap untill it gets eaten.   Thank for the ID

its a cicada (Graphocephala fennahi)

Here in England we know it as the Rhododendron Leaf Hopper.
Introduced from USA in the 1930's it is thought to spread the fungus that causes bud blast on rhododendron flower buds.
I have this pest on rhododendrens and occassionally see them sitting on the leaves of my citrus plants. However, I've never noticed any citrus damage caused by them.


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