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Could it be citrus greening? Europe

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This problem has been posted recently on Polish citrus group on Facebook. The leaves on this tree started to develop irregular yellowing pattern. The problem started about a month ago. The tree was purchased this spring, it was probably imported from southern Europe.

The question is - could it be citrus greening disease?

Could be but unlikely. You'll know it's greening as the tree slowly dies. Looks more like a nutrient issue or related to salts in the soil or something.

Vegan Potato Man:
Yes it looks like a micronutrient deficiency. Possibly linked to substrate PH.

HLB in Poland is unlikely.  However, the leaves do have the look of an HLB infection.

Yes, I know HLB is unlikely in Poland but because it's a market-bought plant, probably imported, then maybe its not impossible. Thank you for the answers.


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