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ISO: Great juicing lime budwood


I have a kumquat in a pot that I have never been thrilled with.  Grows and fruits well, I just donít like kumquats that much.  I was thinking maybe I would try my hand at grafting onto it and wanted to try limes (I have other potted lemons and oranges). We use our limes mostly for cocktails so would prioritize juicing and proliferation.  Solid lime taste also important.  Ability to keep size down also important.  I bring them into a small greenhouse during winter so hardiness not important. Any suggestions?


Hamilton 7a

Bearss Lime is good size fruits, juicy, prolific production of fruits. I would not graft onto the kumquat, instead you should graft it on lemon.

So what is good to graft on Kumquat?  Anything?

Maybe other citrus that doesn't grow much like the Australian Finger Lime, Blood Lime, Meiwa kumquat (round fruit, sweet inside), Nagami kumquat (sour inside), Kishu mandarin (small fruits, seedless), that's about it. Anything else and the grafted scion may not grow much and you won't have much fruits.


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