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My tarocco tree has 1 orange, it's first.  Not expecting anything to great from the first ever fruit.  But what is the proper time to pick and what should the fruit look like when it is ready.

Hi Andrew,
Tarocco is a great heirloom variety. It is a favourite here in Sardegna where I live. Tipically in Southern Italy they start harvesting them around CHRISTMAS and they are at their best late January. The cold brings our more color in their flesh. THey will be a light almost Yellow orange on the skin when ready. They have a thin skin.

Good luck, they are my fovorite.

UCR database shows it ripens from Dec-Feb. I have some grafted but no fruits on my branches this season.

I have the variegated form & it is ready just after Christmas.

Thanks, guys.  I was really happy to see I have 2 fruit on it instead of one.  One of them is starting to yellow and the other is completely green.
Generally our coldest weather out here is in December, where it regularly goes into the low 40's to high 30's at night.  So, hopefully that will work well for coloration.   Not expecting it to taste great,  since it is the first crop, but still pretty stoked.  My first citrus fruit since I got 1 mandarin when I lived in VA in 2011.  I also found 1 Kisha.  So 3 fruit in 10 years?  I better pace myself.


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