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i would recommend silk hope mulberry for your area.

I have a few fig trees listed on Please click to buy directly here to see each tree their photos, details, shipping price is listed on figbid:

I will be shipping out bare root trees starting tomorrow Monday 1/10/2022. Thank you for your patience, for those who ordered before the holidays. I didn't expect it to snow early (right in time for a white Christmas) and the snow has finally thawed enough that it is safe for me to bare root and ship. I will send the tracking tomorrow. I will stop shipping bare root when my trees leaf out. Shipping options will be turned off and pick up local only from April to October. I'm open to trading please message via pm. I prefer trading figs than selling. Every year what I get from selling figs is used to buy new soil. And, new cuttings wink wink.

Some of the varieties I have listed include:
UCD Black Ischia 2 gal $120
Figo Preto 2 gal $120
Ponte Tresa 2 gal $80
Pan E Vino dark 2 gal $60
Syrian Honey 2 gal $80
LSU Thibodeaux 2 gal $60
Green Greek 3 gal $80
Black Tuscan 2 gal $140
Violeta 2 gal $140
LSU Red 5 gal $60
Souadi 5 gal $100
UCR 184-15 aka strawberry teardrop 1 gal $50

About my plants: I use Miracle Grow Organic Potting mix and use Dr. Earth's best organic fruit fertilizer during spring.

Fall to Early Spring Shipping Option: I ONLY SHIP BARE ROOT, the fig in the listing is in a pot, but when you receive it, it will not have a pot. You will not receive a potted tree as pictured unless you picked it up in person. Most extra soil will be removed and the root will be wrapped in a ziplock/plastic bag and secured (and no I don't wrap the roots in a moist towel). I'm unable to show you what the roots look like before I bare root. I don't bare root the tree until I actually ship the tree. If there are any issues when you receive it please message me within 24 hours of receiving the package with photos or video. I will try my best to help you. And, please plant it into a pot or in-ground as soon as you receive it. And, in Early Spring it will leaf out.

Spring to Summer: As my dormant trees wake up I will stop offering to ship. And I will be turning off my shipping option. I think Around September/October when the trees start to go dormant the shipping option will be turned back on for bare root shipping.

For local buyers coming to pick up, the tree will be potted and not bare-root. Please message me before you click to buy. If you pick up in person I will remove the shipping cost. Bare root will be for shipping only. after payment please message me to schedule and time and date to come to pick up in Renton, WA thank you!

For how I bare root ship my trees please check out my youtube video here:

shipping for US only (except hawaii)

Fig cuttings:
You can expect them to be at least pencil thickness or thicker. 3-6 nodes per cutting. Each cutting can be 4-6 inches in length. Any figs that have fruited for me I confirmed on my youtube channel link below.

3 white genoa

plenty Desert King

26 negretta

plenty of lsu purple

2 Black Jack

7 LSU Gold

5 Aubique Petite

4 hardy Chicago

im looking for other figs cuttings for trade. please pm if interested.

Temperate Fruit Buy, Sell, & Trade / For Trade Fruit Trees
« on: May 25, 2021, 02:42:41 AM »
For local pick up only Renton, WA. I have some fruit for trade im looking for mulberries, figs, grapes, and other edible fruit trees. Please pm if you are interested.

these are 4-5 ft tall in 15/20 gal pots

figs i have many varieties including:
Violette de boreaux
desert king
Black jack
florea 2 gal
hunt 5 gal

sochi flowering pomegrante 1 gal
angle red pomegrante

arctic sprite nectarine 5 gal

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Selling: Lemon Guava Tree
« on: May 25, 2021, 02:28:24 AM »
For local pick up in Renton, WA
Lemon guava 1-2 ft 1 gal $80 fruits in 1-2 years
Lemon guava 3 ft 3 gal $200 currently fruiting
Lemon Guava 3-4 ft 5 gal $280 currently fruiting
Im getting ready to move and will be selling my green house if anyone is interested ill be listing some more citrus trees like finger lime, kumquats, lime. Please pm if interested thank you.

for zone 9 and up
for WA state you can either bring inside like other citrus subtropical plant or it can be planted outside if you put a frost cover on it in the winter. it does ripen and taste wonderful for our area.

my persimmons are waking up. i have dormant cuttings in november/ december to end of march please pm me then thank i ship in us only.

my figs are waking up. i have bare root tree and dormant cuttings in november./ december please om thank i ship in us only.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Arctic Frost Satsuma experience
« on: February 11, 2020, 07:57:53 PM »

“When planting in the ground, protection from cold by wrapping with frost cloth for the first year or two is recommended,” Pemberton said. “A site protected from the north wind will also help with winter survival.”

I'm also in PNW im interested in growing citrus outdoors not yuzu. Thank you for your updates on the arctic frost satsuma. I think it is cold hardy to 15 degrees when matured. This article recommended to have a shelter near the house for extra protection and frost cover for the first few years until more established. I think it is possible. But im unable to test this due to no room right next to my house to plant in ground. So i will just have to try for frost cover. Please keep us updated on your outdoor cold hardy citrus.

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