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Arctic Frost / Orange Frost Satsuma?

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Can anyone comment on the flavor of Arctic Frost and Orange Frost Satsuma, and perhaps compare them to Miho Satsuma?

I live in west central Louisiana on the 8b/9a line, and am currently growing 6 varieties of Satsuma's (3 mature 20+ year old 12-15 ft tall trees in 2 varieties, and 3 early varieties (St Ann, Louisiana Early, and Armstrong Early)that have been in the ground for about 3 years, ) along with a meyer's lemon, and a CaraCara orange, that are also 2-3 years old.  Being  quarantine state I have limited selection of citrus available, generally being limited to the offerings from 2 citrus nurseries, one of which just introduced Arctic Frost and Orange frost to the state, the other is working on Miho's but they will not be ready for another year at least.  I would like to plant some more citrus, but as you might imagine I am running out of sheltered locations, as well as places close enough to the house to run electricity for christmas lights, etc.

Which leads to the current question, how is the taste of the above mentioned varieties, and are they worth growing as a backup in case of a once in 50 year super freeze?  I have ample space for more trees, just not in sheltered locations.

thanks Ike

I have a couple of Arctic Frost trees of the deck. I have had them two summers and one of them has a two fruits.
I'm anxious to see how the fruit taste this year.
I bought the trees for their purported freeze resistance. I love my Meyer's but I'm tired of the cold weather struggle.
I have noticed the Arctic Frost is not very prolific compared to the Meyer. With the Meyer I'm used to having baskets of fruit, not the few I see on the Arctic Frost. Maybe it will bear more fruit next year.

Greg, "on the deck" -- I take it your Arctic Frost trees are growing in containers.  Two year old container trees normally only have 0 to 3 fruit.  Give the tree time and the fruit count will grow.

A little bland (more so than a Satsuma from a young tree), often 1 or 2 seeds, but otherwise not bad. If we're talking flavor subtleties it probably takes a bit more after a tangerine than a Satsuma (which I don't think is particularly a good thing). Pretty much like a regular mandarin though maybe a little on the subpar side.

Thanks for the feedback, I think they will be going on my backup plan option then, I have plenty of room for my citrus, just not is well sheltered locations with easy access to electricity, etc.


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