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Rooting Prague chimera cuttings

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Etiolation might be helpful ??
Probably banding the section to be rooted, while still attached to the mother plant.
This would maintain the twig through the first stages pre callus / cutting development.
I was experimenting with trying to induce flowering and banded some Citrus trunks with alfoil.
Small root stubs grew under the tinfoil after several months without wounding etc as per marcotts.
As wounding induces callus, you could also try part wounding under the etiolation bands.
Is there a problem with the Prague Chimera twigs having insufficient leaves to maintain a cutting ?

I am the "Someone in a different forum".

Try a search with "Prague chimera".

jim VH:
I had no problem rooting Prague Citsuma cuttings about three years ago..  I took the cuttings in late July while they were still somewhat rubbery, cut a diagonal and dipped them in rooting hormone (Dip-N-Grow), inserted them in potting soil in a transparent pot, then put them in closed transparent containers to keep the humidity high.  About six weeks later roots could be seen at the bottom of the soil in the pots of half of the six.
Maybe beginner's luck?  Or maybe the rooting compound, or maybe the timing of when I took the cuttings, were factors.  I gave a couple away and planted the other in the ground, where it is slowly growing, next to another Prague Citsuma I grafted on FD rootstock.  Both are growing slowly.   


--- Quote from: poncirsguy on July 15, 2022, 09:22:48 AM ---plant seeds  much better test.

--- End quote ---
Probably not a good idea. We've had this discussion before. Since this cultivar is a rare chimera, any seeds planted from the fruits are likely to turn out to be plain Satsuma mandarin seeds. Although no one has actually tested that hypothesis, as far as I know.

Jim, how thick were your cuttings? Given that it is july here, I may try.


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