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I am looking at harvest citrus trees into mid-October at the latest when we get our first hard freeze in zone 5b. I plan on having potted citrus trees in a hoop house until the weather is nice and I can transfer the trees outside. I also can not bring them into my house, or bring them back into the hoop house until the fruit is gone.

What citrus fruits have the shortest growing season?

Right now I think the Tville Citrangequat, 10 degree Tangerine, and Sudachi might work.

jim VH:
Of the varieties I grow, because you normally harvest them green, as limes, my earliest harvested citrus is Sudachi in mid-October, followed by Thomasville Citrangequat a couple weeks later.  My earliest harvested ripe fruit is the Flying dragon (If you count that as a citrus) starting in mid-October, followed by Changsha tangerine in late October, then Kabosu and Yuzu in mid-November.   There are probably many other varieties that ripen as early (or earlier), which I don't grow.


If you want to actually grow a good (excellent) tasting early maturing citrus, then grow Xie Shan.  It is ready to harvest in September.

Do you think it ripens earlier than "Early St. Ann."? Have you grown any of these personally?

I have not grown Early Saint Ann, but i have grown Xie Shan for7 or 8 years in zone 5 greenhouse, and it is ready in September.  I would also add, that at several of the Southeast Citrus Expo citrus best taste testing contests that I attended Xie Shan was the winning variety both times.


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