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In the book about cold hardy citrus from Olivier Biggio, labels both Sudachi and Kabosu as substitute for lemon. With Kabosu harvesting from September(while green) to November and Sudachi from October (while green) to December. This is for his plants in France. 

@jim VH @SoCal2warm

I'm surprised at how close you put Sudachi to Yuzu, not saying you're wrong though. Would be good news to me!

In this same book Olivier puts Yuzu at -15C, Kabosu at -12C and Sudachi only at -10/-11C. Also for reference; Satsuma at -10/-12C, Kumquat at -12/-13C. There are lots more in the list but don't want to copy it all. Even if the numbers are optimistic overall, the difference between Yuzu and Sudachi is significant according to him. Another source puts Yuzu at -17 and Sudachi at -12. A third source puts Yuzu at -15 and Sudachi at -13, which is closer to your experiences. Again, not saying you guys are wrong, just adding information.

Piss P:

--- Quote from: jim VH on July 20, 2022, 11:11:27 AM ---Hi Piss P,

     I find the Kabosu fruit to be quite good.  They're very round (hence the Sphaerocarpa in the Latin name), larger than a yuzu and have a complex flavor I enjoy, somewhat like Meyer lemons with a touch of grapefruit.  They have far fewer seeds than the Yuzu, and most years even fewer seeds than the Sudachi.
 They're just sweet enough you can eat them out of hand if your taste tends to the sour end.  Unlike the Yuzu, the peel is not aromatic and less flavorful, but it still has a nice lemony flavor. 
     I use them mainly for the juice, and to make marmalade during years, like this one, when my Yuzu has very few fruit.
     I haven't had a chance to test the hardiness yet but, given that it is closely related to Yuzu and Sudachi, it could well be hoped to be as hardy as those two.


--- End quote ---

I appreciate the information! I'll have to keep on the lookout for one - love the Japanese citrus' variety in flavor profiles

In this same book Olivier puts Yuzu at -15C, Kabosu at -12C and Sudachi only at -10/-11C.

It would be interesting to find out where these three Citrus are grown in Japan ? ( outside of Hothouse structures )
Probably Yuzu would succeed further North, or at higher altitudes than the others.
There is probably a point where Yuzu no longer grows ok. Northern Japan / Hokkaido ??

Many Citrus fruit are claimed as 'Lemon' alternatives, basically because they are sour acid juiced.
Some I have tried have off flavours that are hard to disguise in drinks or cooking.
Sudachi and Kabosu are however true culinary Citrus in their own right.
They are both unique, and not even substitutes for Yuzu.
These 3 fruits are quite commonly available in Japanese supermarkets, along with Lemon and Lime too.
That is 5 culinary acid Citrus available.
We have 2 in Australia, Lemon and Lime commonly available. ( Calamondin and Makrut/ Kaffir Lime can seasonly be found in Asian grocery stores )

This video might be relevant for you:

jim VH:
Hi Piss P,

I got my Kabosu from McKenzie farms in South Carolina; it was grafted on a Citrange rootstock.  It's not shown in his list of Citrus, so you'll have to call and see if he has one in stock.



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