Author Topic: Does anybody have any extra Cape Wild Persimmon seeds that I can have Please?  (Read 703 times)


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Does anybody have any extra Cape Wild Persimmon (Diospyros intricata) seeds that I can have Please?


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I'm in Scottsdale and I'd like some, too.  If you find someone selling them, double the order and I'll pay half.


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Forum member Brian Laufer, website is raindance seeds, had some for sale a few years ago. I would contact him before considering Rarepalmseeds, seems to be the only other source. Or take a trip to Baja!


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I too would like some. Bought some from tradewindfruits a few years ago (along with a ton of other seeds  ;D ), but alas the cape's were the only ones that didnt grow. :( I would be skeptical of how fresh rarepalmseed's cape wild persimmon seeds are - at least IMHO.

Though I havent seed them for sale anywhere else save facebook marketplace once from a local collector. But he never got back to me. Sadly. (Probably for the best as they were expensive too lol).


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