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Hi everyone.  I'm on the Big Island, south of Hilo (Zone 11a).
Joining to learn more from the community about caring for my plants and to buy/sell/trade rare plants.

Hi Everyone my name is Carlos. I am the owner of Utopia Trees based out in SoCal. I have a few trees planted in my backyard and some are Peach cobbler mango, sugarloaf mango, Mallika mango, Paterna, Cara Cara Orange, a 5 in 1 mandarin Tree and more! A customer told me about this website and tonight is my first time on it. Very cool how Tropical fruit growers have a kind of resource center to go to.

Hello everyone, I am Lautaro and I am from Argentina, I have always been interested in genetics and today I am developing a citrus improvement project, creating new varieties and making fruit hybrids.  I am also interested in bananas (Musa sp.) so just this year I started making hybrids with them.  Basically I know that everything exists because there was hybridization of species and varieties and thus the characteristics that we were saying appeared, so with that in consciousness we can create things again, as in the case of bananas, using Musa velutina as a parent we can create a new banana of pink color and with a mutation to make it seedless.  I have my TikTok and YouTube channel where I show and teach my crosses and collection.


Hello everyone on the tropical fruit forum, my name is John and I live in subtropical SE Qld in Australia. I have come here to learn, to grow my knowledge as I grow my trees and hopeful avoid any major mistakes. I have a veggie garden, I grow gingers and caudex plants and I hate mowing and need  much more shade in my yard, so why not have some tasty fruit as well. I have a small yard but have managed to fit the following trees in:

Kampong White Sapote
Superb Black Sapote
Tahitian Black Sapote
Apollo Feijoa
Indian White Guava
Yellow Cherry Guava
Strawberry Cherry Guava
Florida Sweet Acerola
Aurea Canistel
Super Dwarf Cavendish Banana
Dwarf Red Dacca Banana

This community has a great amount of knowledge and while I learn now, hopefully I will in time be able to add to it and help others grow  :)

JP Samy:
Good day All..
I live in the tropics, South India to be specific.
I am starting my backyard/terrace gardening journey this year.
I have ample space in the ground but I cannot use it yet, hence I'm starting with what I can i.e, most of my plants are in grow bags.
I plan to plant them on the ground eventually.

I am a retired Engineer from Oil and Gas field, I'm still young though, so I can put in the work.
I am currently on the process of bringing back the  soil biology to live on a small patch of land, as an experiment and also I plan to grow some veggies there lol..
On my terrace I have small plants of Rambutan (cesar), Apple (hopefully Anna), Sapodilla, Custard apple, Surinam Cherry, Mulberry, grapes, passion fruit, carambola, Indian lemon, Mandarin Orange, passion fruit, white jamun, water apple and some veggies..
I am yet to plant Israel apricot (that's what the nursery said), Abiu and Mangosteen.
I'm also trying to learn the art of grafting on the side..

My soil mix includes cow manure, compost, local soil, coco and rice husks for aeration..

Pleasure to meet you all 🙏
I hope to learn a lot and cultivate some genuine friendship amidst you 😉


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