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Hi all,

I am glad this forum exists - so much easier to use and without annoying ads. Not sure whom to thank, but thanks! I have a rather small collection of fruit and nut plants. I cannot say that I know a lot about growing and it has mostly been a journey of trial an errors. I do like to grow and eat tropical fruits that most people like too, but I am particularly interested in growing some of the more rare species. It's like going on a treasure hunt that may last for years until you find certain seeds.

Bye for now.


First a big thanks to murahilin and PJ for their time and hard work creating this forum.  It's already shaping up to be the best out there.  Hopefully this will draw the same talent as the other forums and these folks will find a permanent home here.  Very refreshing. 

Most of you know me from GW but if not...I live and grow in Ohio.  I fell in love with and married a lovely Thai girl I met here at work and after a few visits over there...also fell in love with tropical fruit.  Had to start growing this stuff man!  One thing led to another and I now have a GH hanging off the back of my home.  I have unfortunately took a shine to the more rare and harder to grow species and stubbornly continue to try.

I love traveling and make sure all vacations are a rare fruit destination during the peak fruiting season.  This doesn't always jive well with my better half but seeing that most vacations are back to Thailand, she doesn't complain much!  I also love Puerto Rico and the many many varieites of fruit found there.  You folks in Florida do quite well also and it's always a pleasure to visit by good friends down there.

I also grow the super hot chillies...ghost, fatalli, habs.  This year we got a little carried away and ordered the hottest seed varieties out there...among them the new crown prince of heat, the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Strain.  Don't know what the hell I will do with some of these but it sure will be fun.

Oh yeah...everyone...don't forget to update your profile so we know where you live and what zone you are.  This helps out when specific questions are asked...saves a return question. :-[  Just wanted to use one of these things!!

Oh yeah! For new users.. It takes ten posts to lose the "newbie" status!

what happens when u lose your newbie status


--- Quote from: lycheeluva on January 16, 2012, 11:16:20 AM ---what happens when u lose your newbie status

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you get three yellow boxes and you are termed a "member".


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