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Apologies to Brad for taking this thread off-topic! @passionate4nature, feel free to PM me if you want to continue discussing this.

--- Quote from: passionate4nature on September 09, 2023, 05:03:59 PM ---Do you have Duke Scions or the ones below, didn't seem them on Brads list of availability.

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Because Duke is overly vigorous on both multi-graft trees, I prune it about 2x per year, and often cut more than I can use as scionwood myself. My next cutting will be in late winter, so remind me in January if you want Duke scions.

--- Quote ---Your in WA but in a Green House right, so you can do warmer varieties?  I live in the Bay Area so cold hardy Avocados are good (where I live we don't freeze - down to 30). Most recommend Mexicola Grande, Zutano. Are these really that good taste, size, etc - Aravaipa, Jade, Joey, Linh, Long South Gate, Teague, Walter Hole . i remember someone complained about them on "over rated avocado thread." Aravaipa was on Epicenter, ... is it really that good taste and flesh to seed ratio. Haas clone in AZ? How about Jade?
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My greenhouse is basically similar to 10a in the SF Bay area, and it'll be even colder this coming winter based on my plan to eliminate everything other than emergency heating, so it'll be more like 9b in the Bay area. I have not fruited any of these myself yet, I've only had them 2-3 years at most (some less), and have regularly been pruning the trees for balance, but this year they grew so much that I'll be shocked if nothing holds fruit next year. I have tasted a few of the fruit from people who provided either seeds or scions to the breeding project, but not most of them. So it'll be a few years before I can comment on fruit quality for most of them.

I've seen someone else say Aravaipa is a "Hass clone" but that's absurd. The ripe fruit is clearly a Mexican-race avocado that looks nothing like Hass. It has smooth, thin, green skin, and ripens in 7-8 months instead of 12+ for Hass. The leaves have a strong anise scent, too, unlike Hass. Unfortunately, the fruit is definitely inferior to Hass, less oily and kind of bland, and seems to really only be perfectly ripe for about 1-2 days before it is overripe. The fruit reminds me of Bacon somewhat, but an even milder taste and thinner skin. No fiber at all, though, so that's a plus. Here's a photo of a cut Aravaipa fruit:

And here it is side by side with something being sold as Hass in the grocery store:

I had an Aravaipa graft outside that seemed unfazed by 17F last winter. Unfortunately, its Zutano seedling rootstock was not so hardy and failed to wake up this spring, so the graft eventually died as well. This winter I will have an own-root Aravaipa clone outside, and if it does well then it'll keep its prominent spot on a greenhouse multi-graft tree, too.


--- Quote from: passionate4nature on September 09, 2023, 05:25:40 PM ---
--- Quote from: spaugh on September 06, 2023, 03:10:47 PM ---I went and looked at the trees today.  All of the pencil sized grafts are now the same size as the branches they were grafted to 9 months ago. Finally removed the tape on all the trees today also.  I had already loosened the taped once or twice already.  Ended up grafting sharwil onto every tree i did a variety change on and most of the seedlings.  Its my favorite.

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Sharwil does not do well in the Bay Area Right???... because of our fog and colder temps. Only gets to about 30 in the Winter here Zone 10, but we have foggy mornings and don't get the early Spring you do in January to March,... Spring was June this year, Summer comes in August to October for heat.

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Hey Dan, i doubt sharwil will do much there, it like a lot of heat and sun.  Not sure you will get much off any of them if your hass doesnt do well.  You could try mexicola or mexicola grande.  I dont think the fruit are great but they are basically avocado weed trees that grow hard and make lot of fruit.  Mex grande did pretty well here.  Mexicola never fruited well but i think it was too hot here for that one. 

I grew so many different types and have top worked most of them.  Down to mostly hass, reed, sharwil, nqbal, gwen, and fujikawa. 

I did a bunch of grafts today and the bark was slipping really easily.  Super happy with that.  Perfect weather here now for avocado top working.  Even hardened off brown wood was easily slipping.  And the scion wood is perfect.

I can make another video this week.  Last years trees had 100% success rate of top working on around 50 trees all done in december.


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