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Avocado top work video

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Yeah I have been moving the dates earlier eqch year to avoid heatwaves in february and march.  Doing it now gets the scion healed enough and already pushing a bit before heat kicks in.  If heat comes and the scion hasnt already pushed enough, I have to bag them and its a huge pain.

If you live somewhere not as hot, your results may vary...

Great video, good job, thanks for sharing Brad!.

Man, you’re a pro now! I love seeing others use multiple grafting techniques instead of just the cleft or whip and tongue. Your orchard looks so much better every time I visit. Keep up the great work!


Thanks Simon, you tought me a lot of this stuff. 

Almost every graft done in December took despite the long cold winter.  Earlier the better actually. The ones done in early December look the best and are pushing nicely now.  I'll be doing them right in early December always from now on. The one from the video that was done December 24th is the first photo.  There were several varieties I chipped down and top worked with sharwil.  Mex grande, mex, lamb, sir prize, OTA, and some seedlings all top worked with sharwil.  Once you try sharwil most of the other avocados are obsolete if they ripen at the same time IMO.  Nothing beats them.


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